Review TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb Pedal

The TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb is one of the most efficient and cheap guitar pedals out there. Whether you are a professional guitarist or a beginner who dreams of playing like Jimmy Hendrix someday, this guitar pedal can be the perfect buddy for your guitar.

Where most pedals have their limitations, the HOF Mini comes with a number of features that will leave you absolutely awestruck, especially when you consider the price tag it comes with.

This guitar pedal will cost a lot less than its rivals, and according to our test run – is more than likely to provide you with the best possible result.

2017 Updated: We have reviewed about the brother of this pedal. It's TC Electronic Hall of Fame.

Benefits That Stand Out

The TC HOF Mini is what you can a full package. Yes, we are not exaggerating a bit here! The pedal itself stands out on its own accord, as it is equipped with some of the top-notch reverb effects that are hard to imagine at this price range.

In other words, with the HOF Mini, you are likely to get the best possible output for the least possible cost. Here’s why this guitar pedal can easily be considered as one of the best deals out there:

  • Good tonal output ensuring quality.
  • Comes with a free TonePrint editor. You can create your very own custom TonePrint pedal with it.
  • It does not only provide you with the editor, it is also TonePrint enabled. Which means you can load custom tuned sounds from the best guitar players in the world. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?
  • Let’s admit it- money matters and the TC Electronic TonePrint Reverb help you save money.

The Salient Features

The HOF Mini comes with a lot of features. Not all of them are equally important. But according to the opinions of our test team, the HOF mini has some extraordinary features that make it stand out in a room full of guitar pedals. Let us take a look at these features, shall we?

  • This reverb pedal provides you with the best quality services within your budget.
  • Extraordinary sound qualities that ensure an amazing guitar experience.
  • ​The pedal has a befitting design that is easy to carry, therefore maximizes its potential.
  • It houses many reverb effects such as room, spring, hall, cathedral.
  • ​It provides full TonePrint functionality, which amazed us quite a lot.
  • Last but certainly not the least: the price. In this price range, it is impossible to find another pedal with similar functionality.

Source: audiofanzine.com

Pros and Cons

Like any other product, the HOF Mini Reverb is burdened with its pros and cons. No matter how good this pedal really is, it still has its downsides.

Although, fortunately for us, in this case the good outweighs the bad to a great length and therefore, we have the belief that it is very much recommendable.

We, however, still recommend that you consider a few things before buying this pedal. Remember, even the tiniest of flaws can turn out to be a deal-breaker for you.


  • The biggest positive trait of this pedal is its price. With ever increasing inflation, it is nearly impossible to find another reverb pedal at this range that is providing so many options to the user. The HOF Mini gives you an upper hand in this case. Of course, you can always go for more expensive pedals, but there is no guarantee that those pedals will give you a better service. Why spend the extra bucks then?
  • Through tone editor software you can have an amazing tone.
  • With its befitting design and measurements, the TC HOF Mini is easy to use and easier to carry around. We had no problem moving it from one place to another – it is just so handy!
  • Considering the price range, the quality of this pedal is quite amazing. The reverb is quite deep.


  • Despite having an enthralling sound quality, the HOF Mini does not guarantee any tone coloration. The pedal has zero latency. There is no guarantee that you will be able to achieve perfect tonal transparency. Mini USB cable is not included.

Product Manual

This little pedal has a dimension of 4×2.8×2.5 inches and weighs only 5.6 ounces. The pedal functions on a standard 9V battery.

Its modern and efficient design makes it very easily accessible, even if you are not a professional. All in all, the HOF Mini is technically very sophisticated, but considerably easy to use.

Maintenance Guide

With proper care, you can make your HOF Mini last a lifetime. Okay, we admit that was a bit of exaggeration, but if you maintain your pedal properly, there is a very good chance that it will last long enough for you to forget that you own a warranty card.

Caring for your pedal is no rocket science- keep it dust free, change the battery once in a while, use a power supply with an optimal 9V adapter; doing regular things like these will increase the life expectancy of your pedal.

Keep two very important things on your mind:

  • Turn the pedal off when you are not using it.
  • Be extra careful when you change the battery.

Once you start doing these things, you will be good to go for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions about the pedal are listed below:

What kind of power supply should I use with this pedal?

Do I get the power source along with my purchase?

What happens to the used tone when I turn it off? Does it go back to the default mode?

What kind of device do I need to use the TonePrint program?

How long the pedal will run on a standard 9V battery?

Literally everything at once, the HOF Mini can be the perfect companion to your electric guitar. In our opinion, it is more than a decent reverb pedal that does worth spending your money on.

Check this pedal out, and if you feel that this pedal suits your taste, then we would recommend you to go for it without hesitation. Especially if you are looking for a budget solution to your reverb needs.

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Adrian Bogle - June 16, 2016

Does this pedal allow you to toggle through saved presets? What if you want a different reverb sound for a different song during the same set or in the middle of a song?


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