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We are a group of eccentric musicians from all corners of the globe. We united and share a passion for great music, good times, and gorgeous instruments.

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best acoustic guitar

Best Acoustic Guitars of 2020

This article contains everything you need to know when buying an acoustic guitar, including 8 top options for 2020. Whether you’re a stage performer or a campfire strummer, we have the guitar for you.

Person with small hands playing guitar

Best Guitar for Small Hands

Having small hands should NOT limit your guitar playing. You just need the right instrument. This article features 8 great suggestions, from classical to electric.

girl learning guitar via laptop

Guitar Tricks Review 2020

If you’re looking for best online guitar lessons, Guitar Tricks should be at the top of your list. Click here for our detailed review of this platform.

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violin strings and bow

10 Best Electric Violins under $500

Electric violins are rather an exceptional tool that is genuinely unique because they include something fresh without taking away anything from the first. They also draw in a new generation of musicians without alienating people who love the acoustic guitar.

10 Best Violin Rosins Reviews in 2020

Violin rosin is an important accessory. If you don’t own high-quality rosin, your violin bow will not produce sound properly. Bad rosin may make even the best handmade violin bow sound screechy, but good-quality rosin can improve the standard of a

11 Best EQ Pedal for Guitar 2020

Conventional equalizer pedals allow you to control your guitar degrees and frequencies. Some pedals have sliders to roll throughout the frequency bands while some have knobs for fine-tuning low, mid, and high tones. Selecting the most appropriate EQ pedal means

11 Easy Love Songs To Play On Guitar

Music is the language of love. Here is the dictionary, containing 11 easy love songs to play on guitar that will win the heart of your beloved one. Right around the time you’re reading this line, some teenager with a

violin strings and bow

15 Best Violin Shoulder Rest (2020 Reviews)

Shoulder rests are an optional part of the violin, sitting in the shoulder to the base of the violin. They supply aid, helping to maintain the violin up in order for your long left arm doesn’t need to consume the

guitar neck

3 Boutique Builders You Need to Check Out

Anyone that plays guitar, or is even just a fan of the instrument, knows that Fender one of the most legendary guitar manufacturers in history. As of late, many luthiers who are fans of the Strat and Tele have branched

electric vs acoustic guitar

4 Ways to make a Acoustic become an Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Do you often feel the need to invest in many different instruments to create diverse and interesting music? Notable guitarists throughout history have often owned and performed with what seems like countless guitars in order to produce their desired effect.

Kona K2

7 Best Violin Mute (2020 Reviews)

Violin mutes are fantastic for practice, particularly in the event that you don’t need to disturb your housemates or acquaintances! By putting the dab the bridge of your violin, then you put in some weight and prevent the resonance. You

7 Best Violin Tuners & App Reviews in 2020

A violin tuner is normally a significant part of a violinist’s possession. They always desired to have properly in song and to perform efficiently. And suitable tuning is just one of those techniques to keep up the standard of your

Person Holding Guitar.

8 Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars

Choosing the right instrument is so important when it comes to learning the guitar and sticking with it. This article reviews 8 beginner acoustic guitars guaranteed to inspire.

best pedal power supply

9 Best Guitar Pedal Power Supply 2020

9 Best Guitar Pedalboard Power Supply If you suffer from a lot of noise and hum from your pedalboard, then you probably need a better power supply to provide clean, isolated power. Picking a good power supply can be quite

violin strings and bow

9 Best Violin Pickup in 2020

A violin pickup can be convenient for several events; weddings, outdoor performances, and sometimes once you just require a bit more from your small violin! If you would like to enhance your violin or create your violin seems like an

different acoustic guitar body types

Acoustic Guitar Body Types: The Ultimate Guide

Acoustic Guitar Body Types: A Look Into All The Different Options Acoustic guitar body types are all the same, and all guitars sound the same, right? Wrong. All acoustic guitars might have a wooden soundboard, a soundhole in the middle,

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ArtistWorks Review 2020

Are you looking for guitar lessons that pair the flexibility of online learning with the one-on-one feedback of a private tutor? You’ll love ArtistWorks.

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