About Us

Howdy, folks! Welcome to Musical Advisors, your No. 1 source on the internet for anything related to guitars! My name is Natalie Wilson and I'll be your host on this little journey.


I've been an avid guitar fan for as long as I can remember and the day I embarked on my six-string journey at the young age of 5 truly defined the course of my entire life.

I work as a professional musician, session guitarist, and guitar teacher, and would like to use this blog as a personal outlet to share my six-string knowledge with the world.


I have always considered myself an open-minded individual and never felt like a stranger to any genre and playing style, hence you can expect an eclectic musical combination on this site. As long as it's top-notch guitar music, I'm down with it!

Tweaking the instrument, getting new ones, playing with amps, effects, and guitar gizmos is an activity I've been enjoying on a daily basis for well over two decades now.

At one point, I just realized that sharing my knowledge with the world will not only make me feel good but spark even more passion for working on my skills and hopefully even teach me a new thing or two.


Anyhow, on this blog, you can expect to see guitar reviews, amps, guitar pedals, miscellaneous equipment, music guides, how-to series, guitar guides, and much more.

Throughout the years, I've noticed various guitar players making certain critical mistakes and figured that I can't reach them all and discuss it. Therefore, I will also use this blog to address some frequently asked guitar questions and common misconceptions on the given topic.

Whether you're after super intricate chords or just have the good ole question of how to play guitar, you're most definitely welcome to join this ride. Rock on!

Contact me via here. Or email me at Natalie.Musicaladvisors at gmail dot com.