What are the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings? – 2019 Edition

​When it comes to buying the best acoustic guitar strings and other accessories for the guitar person in your home or a fellow band mate there are a large number of things one must know to consider.

The following guide has the answer to all those intricacies one might ever need to know when it comes to the acoustic guitar’s strings. If you have any further questions in need of answers, please contact the site’s staff of experts.

Quick Comparison

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Acoustic guitars, although they are simpler in style and design than their younger family members, the electric varieties, can also be a bit trickier.

Not having the additional help and support from amps, sound boards and pick ups can be readily notice, especially to those with a trained ear and due to this one finds just how much they will rely on the different varieties of guitar strings.

Careful considerations prior to purchasing your strings should include the following examples.

Body Shape

Playing Style

Desired Tone

Age of Instrument

Nylon vs Steel

Music Association


Guitar Parts

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Top 4 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings Reviews

1. Martin MSP7200 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Strings

​The experts at Martin Guitars.com are available to offer expert guidance and proper answers to any questions their customer base might presently be in the need.

Throughout the years they have learned the true value of not only their machines but also the accessories in which the true sound comes.

If you are wanting to impress your audience and stand out in the crowd you’ve come to the perfect location as the strings by Martin are made for the specific basis of offering “next level” output.

Martin’s have withstood the many tests of time and continue to grow and shine.​​

Source: Amazon.com

​Editor Rating:


  • Custom strings with custom instruments in mind.
  • String offerings for all variations of music to be made.
  • High quality and long lasting string offerings.
  • Strings create a warm yet long lasting sound.


  • These Martin MSP7200 SP Lifespan 92/8 Phosphor Bronze strings would be perfect for guitars such as the Little Martin.
  • Martin strings are built to last even when being handled in the worst of ways.


  • Martin made strings being used on non Martin machines have some strings now not having the lifespan they formerly held thus disappointing some, however the price breaks help the overall feel.
  • Do not hold tone sets as well as other brands, however, they are far above the rest in other areas of sound qualities.

2. Elixir Strings 16545 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Guitar Strings

​Elixir while attempting to earn and maintain the number one spot among all those that are in the guitar accessory markets.

They are doing this by offering top of the line products like no others around.

​If you are in the market for an elite, to- quality product then your search is now completed.

The superior coatings found to leave no spots blank or un protected are a class act.

Source: Amazon.com

​Editor Rating:


  • The best strings for acoustic guitars that are rated for the acoustic guitar strings could easily be the Elixir. Their strings come offering performances that are always consistent.
  • Only coated strings that have no gaps or holes in the entire strings coat.
  • Corrosion and rust free steel strings.
  • Expense and hassle are nearly illustrated by extras offered.


  • Customers have a real voice. Elixir prepares, reviews, evaluates, and follows through with the needs of their customer base by utilizing quality, well-developed surveys.
  • Although the pricing structure is a higher base than other companies currently is only based upon the receiving of above grade products.


  • Drawbacks creating a negative appear to some in regards to the string’s coating, specifically, once wear becomes apparent.

3. Martin SP, Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Gauge, Phosphor Bronze, MSP4100

​From the house of Martin and Company the last 175 plus years have been filled with masterful sounds and equipment for the best guitar strings for acoustic players.

​The Martin SP series is for sounds that are perfect for the studio or the grandest of performance halls.

What this means for you the customer is an excellent selection of the best acoustic guitar strings one could possibly hope to acquire.​

Source: Amazon.com

​Editor Rating:


  • String’s length is made for a full size guitar.
  • G key is wound
  • Super strong and do not break easily.
  • Clear and bright sound that holds a tune very well.


  • A thirty year playing veteran gives a big thumb up in regards to sound, durability, functionality, and overall dependability.
  • Lasting performance even near the ocean breezes with every package purchased.


  • Sounds from the Martin’s are a love them or hate them sound.

4. D'Addario EJ17-10P Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

​If you are in the market for top rated acoustic guitar strings the D’Addario brand is one that should be paid attention.

This company has already shown it has the ability to withstand the changing times while being able to remain on the top of guitar string lists.

​D’Addario has been warm hearts and opening ears to the delightful sounds produced when playing with their strings since 1974.

Source: Amazon.com

​Editor Rating:


  • Well balance, bright, and warm tones.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Superb, warm tones are well known world wide.
  • Versatile quality works for all types of musical genres.


  • They offer the world’s first string recycling program ever. Earn points for each and every string that you turn in.
  • These are one of the first available in a corrosion free design.


  • These strings should only be used on an acoustic that has a pin bridge.


​String selection for the best electric guitar strings and guitar choices are and always will ultimately belong to those that are playing with them.

Newbies and those with the least time on their acoustic guitar would be the ones that typically enjoy the acoustic guitar strings review that we have put together but it was written to aide those of all various levels of experience.

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