Boss RV5 Digital Reverb Reviews – 2019 edition (UPDATE)

A good guitar reverb acts as one the best companions of an electric guitar. There is a high probability that what you consider a cool electric guitar may not be of that much use if it is not accompanied by pedal that can showcase its performance.

Here is where comes the reverb pedal called Boss RV5 Digital into play. This is a very good reverb that we were pretty impressed with.

According to our test run, the RV5 is simply one of the finest reverb pedals out there and considering the price range, we can even go to the length of saying that this pedal is probably the best you can ever get your hands on to.

If truth be spoken out loud, we would say that if you are having second thoughts on it, don’t! Just read the review that we came up with and you will see why we are strongly recommending this – especially if you want the best reverb pedal within budget.

Benefits That Stand Out

The RV5 is a truly amazing guitar reverb pedal that comes with a lot of great features.

This reverb pedal is unique in its own way, and provides you with an amazing reverb experience. Check out the benefits that we have listed that makes the RV5 stand out:

  • Six distinct reverb, including spring.
  • Suitable design makes it very easy to use. Even novices can play with the assistance of this truly fantastic guitar pedal.
  • Modulation mode gives your sound more spaciousness by detuning the reverb.
  • Reasonable price that makes this awesome reverb quite a catch within your budget.

The Salient Features

The Boss RV5 comes with a number of cool features that makes it a strong companion for your electric guitar. While not all of its features are that remarkable, luckily we believe most of its features are! Let’s look at the ones that are responsible for making this pedal astounding:

  • This pedal comes with five different reverbs.
  • It also comes with an additional modulation reverb that works superbly.
  • The tone control of this reverb is fantastic, and the time knob helps you create a deep 3D soundscape.
  • It offers a lot of options and variability.
  • When disengaged, the reverb slowly trails off.
  • The price is reasonable, especially when the quality and the options are considered.

Pros and Cons

Try to think of something that is absolutely perfect. Can’t think of any? That is because perfect things don’t exist. Even the sun has spots. And the RV5 is kind of like the sun. The good outshines the bad, but they are still there.

Check the pros and cons before purchasing the pedal, as you never want to get a pedal that doesn’t feel right. According to our test, the RV5 showcases the following look at the pros and the cons.


  • Overall sound quality of this pedal is very good and realistic. It doesn’t change your basic tone.
  • As it is a Boss pedal, you can rely on it without your usual worries.
  • It functions on a standard 9V battery.
  • When you consider all the benefits you get from this pedal, the price does not seem too much.


  • Switching between reverb types in a live show might be a problem.
  • The chorus may lack warmth.
  • Compared to other reverbs, the spring mode may be an issue for some users.
  • Some users may find the gate reverb less than perfect.

Product Manual

The RV5 Digital Reverb has a good design that makes it really easy to use and carry around. The pedal is 7 inches long, 6 inches wide and 2 inches thick, and weighs only a pound. You can use this pedal whether you are a professional or just a newbie.

Doesn’t matter which one you are, you will find it considerably easier to use. And guess what, you will get a lot of fantastic features for only 149 dollars. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This pedal will be a great addition to your collection.

Maintenance Guide

If you are a guitarist, then you know the struggle of sustaining a pedal. You get a pedal, it sounds great, you love it, and suddenly one day it does not work anymore. That is a real bummer, isn’t it?

The good news is, with some routine maintenance your RV5 Digital Reverb will last a long time. Keep it clean, change your battery once in a while, and your guitar pedal will satisfy your needs for a long time.

Remember two very important things. Always turn off your pedal when you are not using it. Keeping it on will only wear it down. Also, be extra careful while you remove the back cover to change the battery. You don’t want to damage your precious pedal. May your pedal have a lasting life.



Quite a lot of people had their concerns before getting their RV5 Digital Reverb. So they did what any rational person would do- they voiced their concerns and asked some basic question about the pedal. Some of those fundamental but very important questions are listed below:

Do I get the battery with my package?
1 9V battery is provided with the pedal.
How long will it last on battery?
Like all <strong>digital reverb pedals</strong>, the RV5 requires a lot of power to run. But the provided battery does run quite long enough to work throughout a whole performance without a hitch. However, it is recommended that you use a power supply if you want it to use it without having to worry about the battery life.
Do I get a power supply with the package?
Unfortunately, no. The package does not include a power supply for portability purposes. But it does come with a battery which works long enough to last through a whole show.
Is it durable?
Yes, it is. With proper maintenance your reverb will last a few years.
Will the battery power last through a live show?
It will, but you should get a power supply just in case your battery runs out.

The Boss RV5 Digital Reverb pedal is a fantastic pedal with some fantastic features. It is designed to be a perfect companion for any electric guitar. But just in case you don’t like it, try it out before purchasing.

If it suits your taste, then that’s great! In case it does not, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Keep looking for your ideal pedal. But this reverb is worth a try. Check it out. We hope you will not be disappointed.

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