Top 13 Best Phaser Pedal for Guitar Reviews of 2020

The phaser pedal has evolved to be among the most popular guitar effects available on the marketplace.

A phaser is a tool which basically played a significant part in the several legendary records which were famous in genres like stone, metal as well as pop songs.

Prior to buying the very best phaser for your audio production requirements, it’s crucial that you obtain insight into a few of these outstanding features and highly rated versions that are available on the consumer market now.

If you are somewhat lost on which to pick, we can assist. Let us explore a few of the very best phaser pedals now on the industry so you can locate the perfect one to suit your requirements.

List of 13 Best Phaser Pedal for Guitar Reviews

1. Walrus Audio Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

The Lillian phaser pedal out of Walrus Audio is very much a sheet of superior gear.

It is compact, using an enclosure measuring less than five inches in length, and made out of a thick metal that is ideal for use on point.

From a sound standpoint, the Lillian is a great phaser pedal.

It comprises four control knobs allowing you to tailor everything in the speed and width of this effect on the whole sum of feedback, in addition to a change that allows you toggle from four to six phases.

As soon as it’s cost puts it out of reach for most novices, the Walrus Audio Lillian Analog Phaser is a superb purchase for fans, studio musicians and professional guitarists.

2. MXR M101 Phase 90 Guitar Effects Pedal

The MXR M101 Phase 90 is a really easy pedal. On the pedal, it is possible to find Speed controller knob, footswitch input and output, and power input. That is it.

It’s a pleasant, natural noise, on account of the analog circuit interior the little, orange metallic case.

The MXR M101 Phase 90 includes a rubber knob cap, so it is simple to twist the knob with your foot.

The MXR Phase 90 M101 is a streamlined, simple to use, great-sounding pedal. It’s sturdily constructed and does not take a great deal of room on the pedalboard.

It is a timeless, employed by legends from the guitar world. Many gamers love this pedal; others need a little more control over their phase audio.

3. BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter Guitar Pedal

The BOSS PH-3 incorporates multiple-stage stages to choose from. You are able to use the Phase control knob to decide on the distance of the change.

From tight and brief to broad and long, it is possible to readily correct the pedal to ride the sort of wave you need.

This pedal features Fall and Rise phase configurations. These point settings allow for unidirectional shifts.

This implies that in case you put it on Rise, then the stage will continue to change higher and greater. Similarly, the Fall phase setting will change it lower and lower.

One other fantastic feature is that the Tap-Tempo function. Hold the footswitch, and the LED light will signal when you are in Tap-Tempo style.

Then all you have to do is tap on the tempo that you want the pedal to coincide with your own foot.

4. Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Guitar Pedal

Joyo JF-06 Vintage Stage Guitar Pedal is a very fantastic choice whether or not you’re a beginner or an intermediate guitar player.

This version includes true bypass and this really is among the most crucial qualities of a pedal.

It’s easy and easy-to-use attributes and its layout is easy so that novices can use it as well. It has a battery of 9 volts.

It’s all of the songs you require, it offers nice results and you’ll enjoy your jamming session with your buddies, or when you would like to play with the guitar this isn’t a problem in any way.

You may make all sorts of tones and you’ll have some fantastic time doing this.

As stated by the buyers, this version is definitely worth to attempt. It’s nice features and it’s all you want to create interesting musical consequences.

If you would like to produce something special and something which sounds intriguing, you may surely try this phaser pedal.

5. Electro Harmonix Small Stone Nano Analog Phase Shifter Guitar Effects Pedal

The Electro Harmonix unit comes with a distinctive rate control which may be used to personalize the staging sweep or maybe turn speed clockwise for quicker sweep outcomes.

This one of a sort phaser pedal is streamlined enough to leave space for additional audio production tools.

Apart from that, the addition of this variable speed control attribute allows for smooth and slow to quickly edge frequency sweeps to your special needs.

The accession of this variable speed control enables you to customize the standard of the sound. More so, the varying speed controller adjusts to match the speed of your stage shifter.

The colour switch changes the noise of the stage between a complete and powerful phase for easy sound personalization.

In reality, users can quickly track the fluctuations in the audio in addition to the changing effects, while customizing the phaser to match their demands.

6. Empress Effects Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

The Empress Effects phaser pedal provides virtually everything a musician would ever need, all in one package.

It is uncommon to locate a phaser pedal which has adjustable waveforms. That is what sets this pedal apart from its rivals.

An easy turn of this waveform knob allows you to pick eight distinct waves, each with particular attributes. With the mix knob, then you can combine up your wet and dry signals.

The speed/ratio knob permits you to control the speed of this result.

What is more, you are able to control the variation of sound waves and general pedal output with the width and earn button.

Besides these knobs, this pedal comes with five toggle buttons, such as phases, style, saying, rate range/attack, and resonance.

Overall, the Empress Effects phaser pedal offers everything you may ever need in a phaser pedal.

It’s a great option if you’re wanting to create complex riffs using a system that responds efficiently to each and every twist of the knob.

If you’re searching for something easy, but this might not be the best selection for you.

7. Mooer Ninety Orange Phaser Pedal

The Ninety Orange pedal out of Mooer has classic mini-pedal phaser styling, with a glowing orange color scheme along with a streamlined, all-metal enclosure.

Additionally, it is highly economical, with a price tag that suits beginners as far as it will experience guitarists.

The Ninety Orange is a superb pedal. The phasing tone is rich and warm, using a 60s/70s psychedelic texture.

The sole weakness is the absence of choices — using only 1 control knob along with a modern/vintage change, you do not have a great deal of control over the tone.

Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a very simple but efficient phaser pedal which costs about precisely the exact same amount as a great meal for 2, the Ninety Orange is definitely worth considering.

8. Digitech SP-7 Hardwire Stompbox Stereo Phaser

The Digitech SP-7 Hardwire is a contemporary, digital phaser pedal, using solid structure, and also a fantastic quantity of versatility. The pedal is totally hand-wired, and true bypass.

There are four knobs on the pedal: Rate, Depth, Modify and Stage Select. The Stage Select knob has seven phases from which you may pick.

The pedal is true bypass, the footswitch includes a tap tempo feature, and you will find stereo inputs and outputs available.

Sturdy-built with a lot of features, and fantastic sound, the Digitech SP-7 is a fairly famous phaser pedal one of the guitar players.

It enables the participant to have a fantastic amount of control over his result, and it may be put in seconds using all the tap tempo feature.

9. TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal

The Helix Phaser is a remarkably versatile pedal. It’s possible to acquire subtle sweeps to in-your-face squalls of sonic splendour.

The controllers on the Helix let you form the swoosh and the swirl for your own liking.

There’s a Mix knob for mixing the rate and depth. However, in addition, it controls how much of this pedal is really impacting your guitar signal.

But, it’s the Feedback knob which makes all of the difference. This control knob permits you to find some of these very vintage phaser sounds which are airy and rich.

Helix Phaser also has True Bypass circuitry to make sure it does not include any sound and retains your tone clear and clean when not being used.

The Actual bonus of this Helix Phaser is that the integration using a TonePrint Editor software. TonePrint lets you use your cellular device to place and save your individual phaser preferences.

10. Behringer Vintage Phaser VP1

Behringer Vintage Phaser VP1 is an exceptional and completely authentic phaser pedal, and you are able to change through different effects with only a couple of moves.

If you would like to achieve effects such as a jet airplane, or rotary speaker, then this is certainly the model for you.

If you aren’t certain how to utilize this version, there are numerous guides on the internet and directions you may follow along with this education is great particularly if you’re a beginner and you do not understand how to use a pedal.

In case you haven’t ever used a pedal earlier, you can’t achieve much with a nice and useful education or manual.

If you enjoy this version of a phaser pedal and you believe it may do some fantastic items for you, you really must stop by the main product page on Amazon, you can assess pictures uploaded by buyers, then you’re able to possibly even hear this version in action, who knows.

Why not give it a chance, perhaps you want it a whole lot.

11. EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter V2 Phase Machine Guitar Effects Pedal

Using its extensive collection of controllers, the Helix phaser enables you to dial in a wide array of noises such as Van Halen sweeps and Gilmour swirls.

The addition of this Toneprint attribute and accurate bypass permits you to enjoy the very best of next-generation entertainment.

The earthquake includes as many as three distinct OTA based phases for extra customization when making your favorite sounds.

More to the point, the distinctive depth control feature allows you to control the quantity of period effect combined with a dry sign.

Users may even turn the dial clockwise for extreme phasing results.

The addition of this master speed control feature is excellent for fine-tuning the rate of the LFO at every one of the exceptional modes.

The extra advantage is that this device includes a flashing red LED that behaves a visual index, even if the result is in bypass mode.

With its added LFO kill manner, this unit allows you to utilize the orbiter as a stationary resonant filter.

12. Fender Lost Highway Phaser Pedal

The Fender Lost Highway is among the very best phaser pedals available on the current market, offering both eight and four platform phasing with a massive selection of control choices.

If you’re trying to find a high-end phaser pedal that puts you in complete control of your audio, the Lost Highway is guaranteed to please.

With seven controller knobs, both slow and fast speeds and a wave change letting you toggle from sine or triangle waves, this phaser pedal is full of options.

Additionally, it sounds fantastic, using a versatile tone that is equally as great for contemporary fashions since it’s for classic rock.

Insert true skip to the equation and also the Lost Highway is one of the greatest phasers on the current market, particularly for fans and professional guitarists.

13. MXR EVH90 Phase 90

MXR EVH90 Phase 90 is something that you really must own if you wish to generate a sound exactly enjoy some of your favourite guitar players.

This phaser out of MXR unites the timeless Stage 90 audio with Eddie’s own design as a result of its instantly recognisable colour scheme.

The MXR EVH90 includes a slick layout, with a knob to control the rate of this result. Additionally, it is equipped with a little toggle button, letting you change from a classic, “Script” phaser tone along with a contemporary “Black Logo” phaser effect.

If you are a Van Halen fan or simply an 80s rock professional in general searching for something which will provide you with the timeless 80s Royal tone, then the MXR EVH90 is definitely worth adding to your pedalboard.

This was always going to be our best phaser pedal choice, based on capacities, tone, and seems… who will mistake the EVH90?


Phaser pedals may add a whole lot of spice to your own songs. Many guitar fans use them.

There are lots of them available in the marketplace nowadays, and it may be difficult to decide on the perfect one. That is where these reviews and buying guide comes in handy.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to comprehend different kinds of phaser pedal subsets, especially the kinds of pedals that are acceptable for novices and bigger, more complicated phasers for gamers searching for a highly-modified phased effect to grow a part of their pedalboard.

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