The 9 Best Guitar Harmonizer Pedals in 2020

Harmonizer pedals are fantastic for singers seeking to make added vocal harmonies in their live performances, which can be perfectly in tune with all the lead vocal.

All these harmonizer pedals are acceptable for solo singers and bands, in which, there are not any financing singers or the other group members who can’t sing.

A few of things to search for in a harmonizer pedal is that the variety of harmonies and impacts it provides.

Some pedals are simplistic and just provide a couple of distinct alternatives while others have enormous banks.

Additionally, have a look at the ways to determine which ones will work for your style of playing.

Now we will have a look at a few of the best versions on the market, which can be easily one of the very best guitar effects pedals generally.

If you’re interested in finding a real force multiplier to your rig, then remain with us as we investigate the world of vocal harmonizer guitar pedals.

Top 9 Best Guitar Harmonizer Pedals

1. TC Helicon Play Acoustic Vocal Effects Processor

The Play Acoustic from TC Helicon is ideal for singer-songwriters and virtually everybody that gigs using an acoustic guitar and mic.

The pedal offers great sound both to your guitar and also to your voice. The guitar section essentially contains three hot pedals in TC Helicon, Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus, and Hall of Fame Reverb.

Additionally, it includes a lot of different features, such as the BodyRez mode by way of instance, which will be a style utilizing EQ filters to boost your guitar sound moving in the Sky.

It is possible to come across the tuner quite easily also. Together with the Vocal segment, you may make use of these outcomes: harmonizer, reverb, delay, compression, EQ, delay, gating, etc..

The TC Helicon Play Acoustic certain has a few interesting attributes; it is compact and flexible. But lots of players have reported problems with this pedal, even following a brief period of use.

It requires a while to learn it, but not overly much. It is pretty intuitive. Well, you can find far better choices for certain, and you’ll be able to keep on studying about them.

If you wish to purchase a Play Acoustic, we invite you to test it at the regional guitar shop.

2. Boss VE-2 Vocal Harmonist Vocal Stompbox

The Boss VE-2 harmonizer pedal combines the sounds of Boss/Roland VE range, supplying high quality, studio-like vocal audio for the live performance (Have a listen to your demo video under).

Even the Boss VE-2 pedal is extremely portable and easily stored, being just 600g in weight and comparatively small in proportion.

Together with the physical areas of this pedal, which makes it a fantastic choice because of its portability, in addition, it gets the power to be utilized completely on battery power.

A battery-powered stompbox is particularly beneficial in the live series atmosphere.

Whether you are busking on a street corner, or even enjoying with a staged series, mains plug sockets could be uncommon to find, frequently being booked by the inordinate number of pedals employed from the lead guitarist and bassist.

3. Digitech VLFX Live Performance Vocal Effect Processor

A brand new creation vocal processor, the Digitech VLFX supplies you with a few more innovative features, as it’s over 65 side effects to select from.

It gives interesting effects such as delay, reverb, and even distortion, which gives you some choices to experiment with your vocal performance.

Additionally, it has a looper impact which lets you record a vocal arrangement, plays it back, and sing it over.

This may be a fantastic feature for live displays, particularly in the event that you perform independently, as it generates an illusion of numerous listeners and makes your music more lively.

4. Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine and Vocoder

Considering all the typical suspects releasing harmonizers right and left, it was just a matter of time until Electro-Harmonix refreshed their supply.

The pedal that indicated this occasion is your Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine.

By most criteria, it lacks a few significant features, but there is much more to it than that.

Electro-Harmonix went ahead and produced a bullet evidence harmonizer which will work perfectly with any sort of equipment you’ll be able to plug right into it.

Tracking is fantastic and remains at the top of those intricate chord progressions.

What’s really amazing is that the colour of this impact, or even better, the assortment of colour. You may go from completely artificial to subtle organic sound in another second.

5. Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor Effects Pedal

The BOSS VE 20 Vocal Performer isn’t mainly a vocal harmonizer, it is basically an All-in-One outspoken stompbox, also being made and made by Boss, you know that it’s high quality.

Being 1.6kg it is not the lightest pedal on earth, but it makes it up in its being able to incorporate a number of layers of vocal harmonies, add innovative vocal effects like distortion, strobe and radio impact.

It helps singers to also utilize real-time pitch-correction, which is highly significant, to be certain that the vocal harmonies are in tune with all the lead vocal.

The BOSS VE 20 provides added attributes, being an unbelievable autotune pedal for vocals. This pitch correction function is extremely significant, to be certain that the vocal harmonies are in tune with all the lead vocal.

Additionally allowing 38 seconds (mono) of gearing recording, which is beneficial for singer-songwriters searching for a creative, innovative approach to develop the instrumentation, coating by after for their live tune, right in the front of the audience.

6. TC-Helicon EQ Effects Pedal

Another excellent vocal harmonizer pedal out of TC Helicon, the Harmony-G XT is about the intricate side of this vocal chip spectrum.

Actually, calling it a vocal harmonizer is an understatement since it features plenty of features and consequences.

It has effects like reverb, echo, and pitch correction, and it allows A/B switching involving the effects.

Considering these things, it is surprisingly simple to use, while providing you with a lot of chances to experiment and research your voice. It has great variety and it’s own auto-tune is spot on.

In addition, it can be used without a tool by simply placing the key. A particularly neat feature is that the built-in guitar tuner that can definitely come in handy during live shows.

7. BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer Effects Processor Pedal

The Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer is a fantastic tool for your travelling busker, one-man series, singer-songwriter kinds of musicians.

It’s everything you’ll want to earn your voice and acoustic guitar sound great.

The pedal has three segments, on the left side would be that the guitar segment, at the center — the outspoken, and also on the ideal side would be that the looper, the controller knobs to its output levels, the screen along with the presets bank. There are 3 footswitches on the base of the pedal.

The Chorus and Harmony footswitches are multifunctional; they could trigger the memory style or participate in the built-in tuner.

The next footswitch (on the ideal side) is to get the looper. The looper has eighty minutes of recording time.

The Boss VE-8 may be a fantastic pedal for its acoustic guitar-and-vocals kind of musician. A number of the users love it and state it’s a fantastic tone.

A few of the gamers find it difficult to handle this unit, and we recommend carefully reading the guide for this particular cause.

8. TC-Helicon Harmony Singer

TC Helicon provides what are possibly the very best harmonizer pedals in the marketplace. This harmonizer stompbox features an extremely sturdy design with the good build quality and intelligent design.

Controls are intuitive, simple to use and contain things you do not generally observe that frequently. What’s the most is its own true monitoring.

The pedal seems really natural in contrast to some other versions out there and permits the user to accommodate the harmonizer result to carefully match the requirements of their monitor.

The Singer 2 vocal harmonizer differs from the predecessor in it has upgraded hardware and also the accession of battery-powered usability.

Although, if you are concerned about the batteries running out whilst on-stage, do not worry! It will take a 9v power adaptor plugin, which will be excellent news for guitar players since it can quickly synchronize using their guitar pedal installation.

The pedal has a completely automated audio enhancement function.

9. TC Helicon Perform-VK

The TC Helicon Perform VK is your perfect vocal chip for pianists and keyboard players, using this apparatus using a selection of performance; TC Helicon has created an effects pedal which can be utilized both in live performances and studio recordings, together with the absolute quality of internal components.

The interface is remarkably simple to use, and the apparatus may be used with a three-button, or 6 button pedal to permit ease of switching between impacts throughout a performance.

Aside from TC Helicon, we would expect nothing less than ideal, and this harmonizer pedal provides a range of countless effect combinations, for the own choosing!


Vocal harmonizer pedals are a terrific way to bring some color to your songs and make them dynamic.

Just remember to not overuse them as a lot of harmonies and various voices can seem cartoonish occasionally.

To reach the best effect, use them just to highlight specific elements of the music genre.

We strongly advise trying before purchasing. On the other hand, the TC Helicon Play Acoustic warrants the greatest possible place in this listing, and we urge it.

It includes the ideal technology which will make your function perfect, and it is very intuitive and simple to operate. Great luck!

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