9 Must Know Guitar Songs (#6 Will Make You Shiver)

You must have heard about rock n roll, and the main instrument used to play it: guitar. There are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, but you probably know all of this.

09 Must Know Guitar Songs


Why Are They Must Know Guitar Songs?

What makes the rock genre so great, is that often, a mix of all these instruments is used, alongside drums, of course, resulting in the production of some godlike sounds. So let's dig in, here is the list of 9 must know guitar songs:

#1 Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water

Many people would say that this is their favorite guitar song in the world. It's actually not that hard to play, apart from the solo. so it's usually taught among the first guitar lesson classes.

It's a rhythmic, catchy and definitely fun guitar song. Give it a listen, you will definitely repeat it at least 5 times because it's so darn catchy!

#2 Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

It is always really a hard task pinpointing something to be the best, but Stairway to Heaven is definitely the best guitar song, period.

It has everything, fine, soft melody, an epic guitar solo, which is like an eruption of sounds, after which the song picks up on speed and blows you away even further. Give a listen to this ballad and feel it for yourself.

#3 Eric Clapton - Layla

Another ballad on our list of must know guitar songs, this classic guitar song by Clapton will shake you up with emotions.

The tune is inspired by a love story that originated as a poem called "The Story of Layla & Majnun," which deeply moved Mr. Clapton. It's a story about a young fella hopelessly falling in love with a gorgeous woman which was already taken, so he went insane from the love he felt for her.

#4 AC/DC - Back In Black

For those who like some high-pitched vocals, AC/DC should be the go-to band. They are energetic, with great stage presence, most assuredly one of the best live hard rock bands out there.

This album (with the same name as this song) held the record for the second most sold album in history, right after the Michael Jackson's Thriller.

#5 Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild

One of the most iconic rock songs, "Born to be wild" ensures a mandatory place on our list, being not a good guitar song, but a great one.

This song actually grew to become a biker hymn and a symbol of their subculture. Another interesting fact is that the genre "heavy metal" stemmed from this song's lyrics.

#6 Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child

The fact remains, rock music wouldn't even exist without Jimi Hendrix. This guitar god still holds the title of the best guitar player in the world, even long after his death, as proclaimed by the famous Rolling Stone Magazine.

He was a prodigy, way ahead of his time. Just give a listen to this song and you will feel the chills through your spine, that is just how talented he was.

#7 Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Prepare to experience an ultimate classic rock experience. Black Sabbath was one of the bands that started hard rock, and they are playing up to this day !

They are the most memorable for their infamous frontman - Ozzy Osbourne, who liked to cause drama since their early days. You should check this song out if you like the heavier sound, it's a true headbanger !

#8 Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Of course, not all the must know guitar songs come from the classic rock era. There are some modern artists that are up to par with their predecessors.

A perfect example is Iron Maiden, famous for their energetic, heavy songs, with guitar shredding solos and great vocals of Bruce Dickinson, just as shown in this song.

#9 Metallica - The Unforgiven

The last, but not the least on our list of our must know guitar songs, comes from a giant in the rock scene - Metallica.

They are still on the top of the track lists, and for a good reason. This song is a good example how they can both make you shiver from the gentle guitar melody and the catchy chorus, and at the same time headbang to the heavy riffs.


That sums it up, folks ! Hope you enjoyed our list of the must know guitar songs, from the classic rock sounds up to the newer, heavy metal stuff. You see, no matter in which time you live in, these songs will always be remembered and wake up the nostalgia of a truly golden era in music.

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