What is a Guitar Boost Pedal?

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I thought I had heard of every type of effect pedal. I knew how delay, reverb, looper, and distortion pedals all worked and I even owned a few.

But then another musician told me about their guitar boost pedal, and I thought: “What is that?” After spending some time learning about this pedal, I’ve learned what a great product they are, and so I want to share this knowledge with you.

You may even want to purchase one after reading about the awesome effects you can create with a boost pedal. Let’s take a look at what these devices do.

The Guitar Boost Pedal

What is the main function of a boost pedal?

This is a pedal that’s great for musicians who want to maintain a clean, natural guitar tone in their music. If you’re looking for distorted, robotic, or just bizarre tones, you might want to consider pitch-shifter pedals or granular delay pedals.

You can read more about different types of pedals and how to choose the right one by following this link.

If you do want a clean sound, then a booster pedal will probably be ideal for you. The most important function of a guitar booster pedal is to increase (or boost) your guitar signal before it reaches the amplifier.

This means you’ll be able to boost the signal without any artifacts such as static fuzz or unwanted distortion affecting the sound. Many musicians actually use booster pedals to boost the signal and then crank their amps up for some distortion.

Try heading to your nearest music store to test out a few pedals. The best booster pedals will leave your guitar’s tone feeling clean and natural. You can also create a chain of pedals if you’re looking for some distortion effects in addition to boost effects.


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Check out this article on the different types of overdrive pedals.

The features of boost pedals

All booster models will be different, so there is no one way to describe booster pedals’ features. However, there are controls that you’ll most likely find on most booster pedals.

Your booster pedal should have a knob that will function as your “Gain” knob. If you don’t have a Gain knob, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your booster pedal. Some companies just use different names for various settings that really all do the same thing.

This knob will affect the decibels (db) of your signal, or in other words, how much your signal will be boosted. The range of decibels will vary depending on the pedal, but a common range is about 0 to 25 db.

You should also have an input/output feature that will allow you to connect your pedal to your instrument and amplifier.

I’d suggest taking advantage of these features if you’re a lead guitarist who wants to create more memorable solos. For more on playing an outstanding solo, follow this link.

By using a boost pedal, you’ll be able to increase the presence of your solo without compromising the clarity of your sound.

The best clean boost pedal for guitar

By now, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on a guitar boost pedal and, most importantly, what the best booster for you is.

In my opinion, the best clean boost guitar pedal is the Xotic EP Booster. This is a really popular guitar booster pedal among musicians because it was inspired by the EP-3, which was used by so many of the greats including Van Halen, Page, Johnson.

This pedal has an ability to boost up to 20 decibels. Although other pedals have a bigger range, I personally don’t this should be a dealbreaker since most musicians are playing within the mid-range anyway.

This model only has one knob, which is common since booster pedals have one function (boosting). This will make the device easy to use, so don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner.

The effects of this pedal will be subtle when compared to distortion pedals, but they’re effective regardless.

You’ll also have a Bright Switch, which is great for guitarists who want to experiment with both a dark and bright quality. If you want versatility, you’ll get it when you purchase this pedal.

You can find this pedal on Amazon by following this link.

You can also check out some other pedals here.

In Sum

Hopefully this article helped you to understand boost pedals. These pedals will boost your signal before it reaches the amplifier, allowing you to avoid hearing artifacts from your amp. Let me know if you any have questions, and welcome to the world of booster pedals!

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