TC Electronic Flashback Mini Review – 2019 Edition

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[Update 2018] Delay pedals are great for creating reverberant musical effects. When I was looking for a delay pedal to take on tour with me, I was overwhelmed with how many options there were. That's why I'm here to tell you about a small, portable delay pedal: the TC Electronic Flashback Mini.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Flashback Mini Delay Pedal

Like all TC Electronic products, you can be sure you're getting a quality product when you purchase with this company. Delay pedals are great for rock genres, but can be used in almost any style of music and create unique echo effects.

The Flashback Mini pedal will give you great delay effects with simple controls. If you want a more complex pedal, check out my “Alternatives” section below.

If you’re new to pedals, you can learn more here.

Things to consider:

  • How complex you want your pedal to be
  • Your experience with pedals
  • Your budget (this is a medium priced pedal)

The Flashback Mini Pedal

Delay pedals are built to take an audio signal and then repeat it back to you. This means you’ll be able to create cave-like effects in your music. The leading delay pedal on the market is the MXR M169 Carbon Copy because of its 100% pure analog delay and warm tone.

While this is a great pedal, the Flashback Mini Delay pedal will work better for you if you’re looking for a compact pedal for an affordable price. You’ll be able to set your delay time, how many times you hear the delay repeat itself, and the intensity of your effect.


  • Small size
  • Great sound quality
  • Audio tapping setting


  • Simple pedal (may be a pro or con)
  • Small knobs
  • Not the highest quality


Despite its small size, this TC Electronic model will create surprisingly strong and clear effects. This pedal will be great for you if you’re looking to find a pedal that won’t take up a lot of room on your pedal board, but you still want to maintain the sound quality.

The Flashback Mini will allow you to delay your audio signal for up to 7 seconds, which is a significant amount of time and will allow you to hear some pretty extreme delays.

Keep in mind that because of this pedal’s small size, you’ll also have a really small footswitch. Let’s take a look at the three knobs included with this model:



FX Level


Tap Function

Social Proof

After reading tons of Flashback Mini review posts on the internet, I’m confident that this pedal is a great investment for musicians. Many reviews praise the pedal for its simplicity and ability to create such a strong sound despite its size. Here’s what some owners are saying:








1. TC Electronic Flashback X4

If you like TC Electronic but want something a bit more complex, you should consider this model. You’ll have more settings to experiment with, including a feature that will help you learn how to get dotted eighth delay effects.

2. Red Panda Particle Pedal

If you’re interested in a pedal with an abstract sound, then you should consider the Particle. Like most Red Panda products, the Particle has obscure effects and will let you venture outside the box.

3. blueSky Reverb Pedal

The blueSky pedal might be a good fit if you want to play with many delays and mixing features. This device also has a “Favorite” setting to save your preferred settings for quick access.

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It can be difficult to find a small pedal with powerful effects, but the Flashback Mini solves this problem because of its TonePrint setting. This is the best delay pedal that fits these criteria, but you can check out other pedals here. Hopefully, this review helped you with your decision!

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