How Much Are Guitar Lessons?

Three most important questions most people who want to learn guitar ask themselves are:

"Is it really hard?"

“When am I going to be able to play ‘Stairway to Heaven’?”

“How much are guitar lessons?”​


The answer to question 1 is “No, it’s not really.” The answer to question 2 is “Pretty soon.”

The third question (“How much are guitar lessons?”), however, requires a bit more detailed answer and here in this article we’ll give you this answer.


So, you want to learn how to play guitar. You want it now, there’s no time to waste. You also have a certain monthly budget which you think is enough to consider a private teacher.

Given the fact that you’re about to pay money, you want to have some guarantees that your money will be spent properly. And you’re at a loss, not knowing where to start…


Well, thank God you’ve got us! We just happen to know everything you’d want to know and we’ll share this knowledge with you in just about a second. But before that…

Guitar Teachers

Not long ago (back in the early 2000s) private guitar classes were quite profitable for those who gave them. Teachers set the prices (quite high sometimes) depending on their qualification and the client’s paying capacity. There was hardly any competition, other than between two teachers.

However, YouTube and the Internet have changed that radically. Once many people started uploading video tutorials for free and shared them, guitar fans all over the world had finally gotten their chance to access this knowledge for their own good.


Guitar Lessons on Internet

Needless to say, that hurt private guitar teachers’ business quite a lot – they had to drop the prices and conform to the existing rules of the game, also creating free videos and articles, but only as an incentive to lure people into their paid lessons.

This DVD Guitar Lesson Course below is a sample:​

So, How Much Are Guitar Lessons?

Most guitar lesson prices fall between $20 and $40, depending on a few important factors, which we’re about to discuss right now.

What affects the price of a private guitar lesson?

There are four common factors that define guitar lesson rates.

1. Instructor Experience + Student Experience

The more experienced the instructor, the more well-known he/she is. More popularity means there’s a greater demand for the instructor services, which eventually means higher price. Every other year of experience can easily get the teacher an additional dollar to the overall rate.

What it means for you basically is that less experienced instructors (up to 5 years of experience) ask for less money than veterans.

The student experience is just as important. As you continue to progress on guitar, you will develop your own preferences, playing style and ideas. Depending on that, you might want to find a teacher who specializes in a specific genre or style, and such guys are usually costlier.


Do you like Electric Guitar?

2. Lesson Duration

It’s quite obvious – the longer the lesson, the more it costs. Most teachers start with a 30-minute lesson per week, and then at some point increase the duration up to 45 minutes, or even an hour.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the lesson duration with your instructor – the decision to increase the lesson duration may prove beneficial for both of you. Your instructor will be getting more out of his/her weekly hours, and you will be able to learn more for less money (45-minute lesson is usually cheaper per minute than 30-minute one).

For example, if you’re currently having one 30-minute lesson per week at $30, suggest stretching it into a 45-minute lesson at 40$.

3. Your Location

Living in a rural area may slightly mess up with your chances of getting a good instructor because the choice is obviously more limited than in a big city or urban area. Additionally, there guitar school in many urban centers, where you can change teachers naturally as you progress.

However, the average price per lesson in small towns is usually lower than in big cities.

4. Place Where You Have Lessons

There are three ways you can organize a guitar lesson:

  • Have your guitar teacher come to your home
  • Go to your guitar teacher’s place yourself
  • Do lessons over Skype

Learning Guitar Via Skype. Source: Youtube.com

Of course, the first option is the most preferable. However, many guitar teachers will charge an additional fee for coming to your place – see how much your guitar lesson will cost in this case.

If you’re driving to your guitar teacher’s place, be sure to take your time and travel expenses into consideration.

Skype lessons are cheap enough, yet much less effective than anything else. Consider finding a real, “physical” teacher instead.

Additionally, guitar lesson reviews are a factor that you should absolutely take into consideration.


Guitar lessons usually start at $20 per half an hour and there are a few things that affect their price:

  • Teacher/student experience (more experience=more expensive)
  • Lesson duration (the longer, the costlier)
  • ​Location (prices in the city are a bit higher on the average)
  • Where a lesson takes place

We hope this answered the question of "How much are guitar lessons?" or "How much do guitar lessons cost?" Good luck choosing that perfect teacher!

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