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Festival technology; Here are our top five latest technology advancements for festivals

Millennials are all out for the best tech experience in festivals, according to recent research, by an online label company Data Label, over 48% of millennials are opting for more immersive and High tech festival experiences compared to the basic festivals. In an interview, Philip Carlyn, Managing Director at Data Label, commented: “It’s great to be involved in a time where we have these latest developments in our hands. The RFID chips are environmentally friendly and provide faster entries for people. Security has been better established with some festivals ensuring ticket holders must provide a photo to be identified on the day of entry meaning their band is connected to them; this way re-selling issues can’t occur”. He also added, “The virtual reality experience seems really intriguing, giving the fact you can experience festivals in your home comfort and to take a peek at behind the scenes.”

Festival technology sprouting across US and UK included virtual and augmented reality technologies, aimed at creating immersive experiences. The RFID wristbands, Power bank Swaps, Holographs, etc. Here is a description of the top 5 festival technologies according to Data label.

Holographic concerts – Performances from past music stars such as Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur have been reborn on stage for fans. Holograms are aiming to bring to life. Dead music starts at festivals. In 2012 during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Tupac Shakur stole the stage to woe his fans alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Similarly, Michael Jackson appeared on stage on May 18, 2014, in Las Vegas at the Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards (BBMA), joining a five-piece band and 16 dancers onstage in an incredible performance, many thought it was actually him.

According to AV concept, a holographic illusion company, it costs around a whopping $400,000 to create such lifelike holograms, but the experience is worth it as nothing beats the adrenaline rush of seeing your favorite performer live in concert. Michael and Tupac may not have been there present, but their fame was.

Virtual tours – A simulated festival experience aimed at giving people the opportunity to experience behind the scenes and access to areas where no one gets to go to. Music festivals have grown past the “you must be there” notion. Organizers have discovered that most attendee might get held up with their jobs and families hence, the development of a technology that can aid them re-live what they have missed.

InvisionStudio – A Music Festival Virtual Tour Company explained that the virtual tours help eliminate uncertainties, build attendance, justify ticket prices and most importantly, offer attendees a more detailed and organized music festival experience, even without attending it. .During the Beaumonde virtual festival experience, attendees got the opportunity to experience behind the scene images of the past year event. Virtual events require the use of VR headsets aimed at taking attendees into a virtual world different locations and past events.

Meet and greet – Some festivals involves a simple touch of one another’s wristband to stay in touch, either through Facebook or other social media. RFID wrist watches and wristband come with a variety of functions and purposes. However, the meet and greet wristbands are often purchased online and enable you access to the event. Advantages of the wristbands include;

  • Ensures guest management
  • A credible way of preventing attendees access to restricted areas
  • The wristbands can be customized for promotions, brand awareness, etc.
  • The wristbands aids in providing Security and easy tracking of attendees

There are different types of wristbands available for events, they are mostly differentiated by the type of materials they are made of. The popular wristband can be synthetic, Tyvek, plastic, or silicon.

Doppler Labs Here Active Listening – These customize what the wearer can hear at a concert, such as reducing chatter around them to amplifying bass of a set. By using the accompanying app, users could, in theory, apply any manner of EQ settings that do everything from reducing overwhelming bass frequencies at an event or concert to diming the unwanted midrange chatter of co-workers while in an office. Inside each bud is a processor that tweaks the sound you’re hearing in your environment based on any settings of your choosing, and broadcasts the remixed audio directly into your ears. The battery-powered earbuds, according to Doppler Labs founder and CEO Noah Kraft, were built to enhance sound in the world around you.

Power Banks swaps – it allows people to keep their devices like phones and tablets powered, simply use a power bank and when it runs out to swap it for a full one. EE is spearheading this which allows people to keep sharing on social media and still use contactless on their devices.

Festivals are becoming more interesting thanks to innovative technologies aimed at to provide attendees with the best experience and use of their money.

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