Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review 2017

When I first started playing guitar, I began learning on Fender acoustic guitar. Although I wasn’t as skillful and experienced as I am today, I remember that the guitar was quite good. It is a Fender after all.

Now, Fender has a great selection of acoustic guitars for entry-level players, but Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is possibly the least expensive beginners’ guitar you can find that can still perform as good as the more expensive ones.

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Bundle

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Things to Consider before Buying a Guitar

Before you buy a guitar to start playing with, you should know that most of the Fender’s models are full-size guitars. They made only one ¾ model, and the main reason for that is that the ¾ guitars are just not that good. I personally believe that even the kids should start with the full-size guitar.

When you are just the beginner, you don’t need a fancy expensive guitar. What you want is the most basic guitar that’s not too expensive. Also, you’re probably going to need some spare strings and guitar picks as well as a gig bag, tuner, and strap. This fender guitar package has everything you need.

Fender FA-100


Source: grabonestore.co.nz

As most of the Fender guitars, this is also a full-size acoustic guitar. It is pretty simple and basic, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s actually a quite good guitar for entry level players.

The package includes everything you need to begin your guitar adventure, and while it is most definitely not the best fender acoustic guitar, it is one of the finest cheap Fender acoustic guitars.

The price is actually the first thing you will notice about this guitar. I remember spending a lot of money on all the equipment and the guitar when I first started playing. I wish I knew that you could get everything you need in the guitar package for fewer than 150 dollars.

Features and Benefits

Body and neck

The sound

The Feel

Complete package

Pros & Cons


  • It is a very affordable guitar. It’s one of the cheapest guitars for the beginners, and it totally has a great value for the price.
  • It’s full-size guitar.
  • Full package. The guitar comes with all the accessories you need.


  • The quality of the sound. For the most of the beginners there will be no difference, but for the experienced guitarists, the quality is not quite top notch.

What People Say About Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

I also did some internet research to see what other people think about this guitar and I was not disappointed. Most of the users gave positive reviews, and that tells a lot about the quality of this guitar. Here are some of the examples.


Source: guitarcenter.com


This guitar also has a dreadnought body shape, but it’s made of a bit better materials.

For example, the back and the sides are made of mahogany, and the top is Solid Sitka Spruce.

This gives you better sound bit the price is also a bit higher, and you don’t get the full package, just the guitar.

It same as the Yamaha FG720, this guitar is also made of better materials.

The entire body is made of mahogany, and the fretboard is made of Indian rosewood.

It is also more expensive. On the negative side, it’s ¾ scale guitar.

Although, the ¾ scale guitar is not so bad for traveling players because it’s o compact

This guitar features very comfortable neck, and the body is made with solid spruce top. The tone is quite rich and full.

This Epiphone has a Fishman Sonicore pickup system, meaning that you can reproduce your acoustic tone when you plug it into the amplifier.

Of course, it is more expensive than Fender FA-100, but it has an amazing value for the price.

You can hear the sound in this video.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

My Takeaway Advice

Overall, this is one terrific Fender beginner guitar. It has incredible value for the price. Not only that the guitar is really affordable, but you also get everything you need with this Fender guitar package. It’s really comfortable to play, and the sound is quite good for the beginners’ guitar.

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