Take the Guesswork Out of Finding the Top 5 Boss Delay Pedal Models

As a musician, I’m always looking for great delay pedals that will last me for years to come. When I tried my first Boss delay pedal, I was blown away by its quality.

I now have a lot of experience with Boss products, so I’m here to tell you about my favorites. Let’s take a look at the five best Boss delay pedal models.


Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal, New - Source: zzounds.com

#1 Boss DD-7

This is one of the best delay pedals I’ve come across in all my years as a musician. The Boss delay dd7 has 6.4 seconds of delay time and comes with a “Hold mode” which will allow you to record up to 40 seconds of audio for sound on sound performances.

This pedal has four control knobs: E. Level, F. Back, D. Time, and Mode. The E. Level knob will affect the level or volume of your sound. The F. Back or Feedback knob will allow you to control how many repeats you hear.

The time knob is the feature that controls how much time elapses between each echo. Your mode knob will allow you to choose different time settings, an analog feature for a more vintage sound, a reverse mode for a more obscure effect, and a modulating feature which will provide chorus-type sound effects.

In my opinion, the modulate feature is the best part of this pedal because it will give you the effect of a modulation pedal with a delay pedal. You’ll also have a tap tempo feature controlled by your footswitch. This setting is excellent for musicians who want as much hand free control as possible.

For more on how to use delay pedals, follow this link.


  • Modulate feature
  • 6.4 seconds of delay time
  • Record up to 40 seconds of audio


  • More expensive than other pedals
  • Not as many features as DD-20
  • Large (some may want a small pedal for their pedalboard)

If this Boss dd7 review has you hooked, you can purchase this model by following this link.

#2 Boss DD-3

This pedal will tone things down a little from the DD-7 in terms of the complexity. Like the DD-7, this model also has four control modes: E. Level, F. Back level, Delay Time, and a Mode knob.

The best part of this pedal is the simplistic delay time modes because they make this pedal very user-friendly and fantastic for beginners. The Mode knob has three different modes: 800 ms,200 ms,50 ms.

When it comes to the boss dd3 vs dd7, this pedal has significantly shorter delay time options than the times available with the Boss DD-7. For this reason, this pedal will work best for musicians who want a more subtle effect.

With 800 ms, you’ll definitely be able to notice the effect easily, but it won’t feel as dramatic as the longest delay effects provided by the DD-7. This pedal will also have a hold function that you can use to repeat the audio indefinitely.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Hold function


  • Simplistic
  • No dramatic delays
  • No abstract effects

If you’re interested in this pedal, you can purchase it here.

#3 Boss DD-20

The Boss DD-20 model is a great option for musicians who want to step things up in terms of complexity. The best part of this pedal is that it offers quite a lot of delay time, with a maximum of 23 seconds.

Owners of this pedal will also have the option to experiment with eleven different delay modes. These modes are: twist, warp, tape, analog, standard, dual, pan, smooth, modulate, and reverse.

If you’re looking to create abstract sounds, you’ll definitely want to try out the reverse mode on this pedal. Another great feature on this pedal is the pan mode, which will alternate the output from left to right on the stereo.

Like the other Boss delay pedals, the DD-20 will also come with an E. Level, F. Back, and Delay Time knob which will allow you to fine tune your sound. I’m impressed with how simple this pedal is to use considering its high number of features.

Your right pedal is your tap function pedal and will allow you to choose between pre-programmed settings in your memory. Your left pedal will turn effects on and off and change the functions of different effects.


  • Many features
  • Obscure settings (reverse, pan, twist, and warp)
  • 23 seconds of delay time


  • Expensive
  • Large device
  • Not as beginner friendly as other pedals

If you want to purchase this pedal, you can find it here.

#4 Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

The Boss DD-500 delay is another large delay device with a variety of different settings. This pedal has five knobs on the right side: Time/Level, Feedback, E. Level, Tone, and Mod. Depth.

On the left side of the device, you’ll find your mode knob. The best feature on this pedal is a large number of effects you’ll be able to experiment with.

This knob will allow you to choose between standard, analog, tape, vintage digital, dual, pattern, reverse, sfx, shimmer, filter, slow attack, and tera echo. With so many different settings, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to incorporate this pedal into your music.

If you want to try out unique rhythmic effects, use the pattern setting to use sixteen different delay lines that can be set independently from one another.

This pedal is large in size, meaning it will be a powerful device but can be hard to handle and move around easily.


  • Many features
  • Pattern mode will allow you to experiment with rhythm
  • Vintage digital mode is great for rock genres


  • Large size
  • Expensive
  • Shimmer effect is not strong

If you want to purchase this pedal, follow this link.

#5 Boss DM-2W

Last but not least, the Boss DM-2W is a great delay pedal that will be much less cumbersome than the DD-500 and the DD-20. The best part of this pedal is its user-friendliness.

This pedal is also easy to use and has 100% analog circuitry, which will provide a warm sound. This pedal has three knobs, making it very user friendly for beginner musicians. The knobs are: Repeat Rate, Echo, and Intensity.

With this model, you’ll have 800 ms of delay time. This means the effect will be much more subtle than some of the other pedals on this list, such as the Boss DD-20 model. This is a great pedal if you, like so many other electric guitarists, are looking to control your delay time settings without your hands.

This model has a great expression pedal input feature that will allow you adjust the delay time with your foot. The DM-2W is small so it will fit well on a pedalboard, which you can read more about here.


  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • 100% analog circuitry


  • Few features
  • Not as much delay time as other models
  • No real abstract effects

If you’ve decided this is the right pedal for you, follow this link.

In Sum

Hopefully you found this article on the best Boss delay pedals useful. Boss products are high quality, reliable, and manageable for musicians of all playing levels.

This list would have helped me when I was looking for delay pedals, so I hope it makes your search easier. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, and remember to share this article!

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