Top 8 Best Taylor Guitars in 2020

Taylor guitars are one of the most famous guitar brands. Taylor acoustic & electrical guitars offer you a rich and silky sound.

There’s no better way to enjoy music than simply playing one of those legendary instruments.

These guitars do not start to cover all of the variations and versions, however, they represent a fantastic sampling of the products fulfilling the requirements of both novices and more advanced players and are frequently utilized.

I hope that you find this summary helpful in your search for a Taylor acoustic & electric guitar.

There are lots and a lot of alternatives, however, so choosing the ideal Taylor guitar can be complicated.

To assist you picked, we have researched a great deal of distinct Taylor versions and chose the ten finest Taylor guitars.

Therefore, if you are seeking the best Taylor guitars for sale, your life just got easier.

5 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars

1. Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag with case

The Mini-E Koa is one of those versions in the GS Mini string to be fitted using Taylor’s innovative Expression Method 2, together with three distinctively placed pickup detectors that reproduce your guitar’s natural tone to get superior plugged-in performance.

The very low action of this Koa makes this guitar versatile and exceptionally playable to any play fashion, from fingerpicking to heavy-handed.

Beginners will be able to generate sharp, clear sounds with minimal series buzz and professional guitarists can slip through scales fast and with ease.

This really is a great travel guitar or even beginner’s guitar, albeit at a price tag that may appear expensive compared to other models with similar specs.

A fantastic guitar is well worth paying, however. What you are getting in your Mini-E Koa is an ultra-portable guitar using all the voice of a full-size version and features that you won’t find on additional guitars, such as the patented NT neck, which guarantees maximum playability.

2. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor GS Mini may be scaled down, but it is one of the best Taylor guitars based on quality.

Although it isn’t a full-sized guitar, the GS provides exceptional sounds that rival the more expensive ones on the market.

Its scale length is 23 1/2 inches, which makes it easy to form championships. The guitar also includes a lot of tuning stability and snap.

The mahogany shirt does a fantastic job of dispersing and hammering the strings’ vibration during the GS. This offers that the GS a rich, complete sound that’s completely natural.

The durable constructed of this GS means it’s apt for guitarists who travel a lot. All these are also suitable for any guitarist who wants a durable guitar.

The Mini GS may be small but packs a great deal of tone and range, ideal for beginners and touring musicians.

The Taylor GS provides a superb mixture of portability and audio versatility. It isn’t overly large, not too small, just perfect.

The GS design means that it is suitable for serious audio and still casual enough for novices learning how to play guitar at home.

3. Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar generates unbelievably vibrant sounds, ideal for any type of play.

The sunburst pattern and cutaway design provide this grand auditorium-shaped guitar an exceptional design that is as easy to play as it would be to look at.

Featuring layered rosewood on the back and sides and a very playable ebony fretboard, the guitar is extremely comfortable to hold and fun to touch.

It also incorporates electronics that allow you to play with it amplified when you want that extra kick.

The Taylor 214ce brings amazing audio and styling into your own music thanks to this famous sunburst pattern and Taylor’s renowned craftsmanship.

This guitar sits comfortably at the top of Taylor’s 200 Series. With exceptional build quality, luxury audio, design, and durability that the 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium is a fantastic entry point to one of the planet’s most celebrated guitar manufacturers.

4. Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor

Having a 15″ body thickness and 40 1/4 inches, the Big Baby Taylor is between a regular Dreadnought and the Baby Taylor.

This makes the guitar the ideal size for beginners and for easy, casual play.

The measurements of the Big Baby Taylor means it remains portable. However, as I pointed out guitar has greater volume and fullness.

The Big Baby Taylor combines elasticity and stiffness to get better sounds. The guitar also has the perfect ratio for superior articulation and range.

The guitar comes with an LR Baggs pickup that enables you to plug it whenever necessary. The versatile nature of this LR Baggs means you will be able to use it to get different genres.

The Big Baby Taylor has exceptional noise and its own portability is up with all other Taylor guitars.

The fact that it is smaller than a regular guitar but nevertheless has exceptional audio means that you don’t compromise quality.

5. Taylor 814ce Rosewood Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

Another entrance in Taylor’s famous line of grand auditorium body fashions, the 814ce, plays just like a true concert guitar.

Having a cutaway layout that provides easy access to high frets, the guitar incorporates Indian rosewood on the back and sides to generate a silky-smooth yet rich audio.

Deep bass notes and abundant treble emanate in the tool each time you use it. The Taylor 814ce also features a built-in digital pickup so that you can play with it amplified whenever you want.

It’s a really helpful feature that makes this guitar exceptionally versatile.

The 25 1/2-scale is great for smaller and medium-statured individuals who want a wealthy and powerful guitar encounter.

All in all, the Taylor 814ce seems as good as it seems and comes at an affordable price.

3 Best Taylor Electric Guitar

1. Taylor T5z Pro Electric Guitar Molasses Sunburst

The Taylor T5z Pro Electric Guitar Molasses Sunburst is an amazing version.

In case you felt impressed with this tool as soon as you laid your eyes on it, then you need to understand that you are not the sole one.

This guitar can be applied as an acoustic and electric guitar at precisely the same moment. It’s all up to you what type of performance you opt to throw when utilizing it.

Contemplating that its aspect, features, and versatility, the price tag is an accessible one.

After all, you’ll wind up investing at a great tool that will provide you the chance to develop yourself as an artist exactly as you please.

The tone controls are on board and also the electrical humbuckers offer you a 5-way switching system.

Also, you can use the guitar with electrical and acoustic amplifiers alike, therefore, again, the alternative is yours, based upon the desired benefits.

2. Taylor T3 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Orange

Inspired by both the T5 and the SolidBody, Taylor takes the classic semi-hollow body noise and applies signature Taylor layout touches into the Taylor T3.

Electronics comprise Taylor’s high-fidelity full-size Vintage Alnico humbuckers, combined with a distinctive coil-splitting application to provide players killer humbucker and single-coil sounds in one guitar.

The T3 features a metal roller bridge paired with a stop tailpiece. Includes a hardshell case.

The HD (high definition) humbuckers represent two Taylor layout improvements.

They have altered the attention and direction of the magnetic flux using a new kind of magnet and brewed up a secret recipe for those windings.

This leads to pickups that make the sweet noise of vintage humbuckers with increased dynamic range and output.

The Taylor T3 electric guitar incorporates enhanced electronic equipment that has coil-splitting activated by pulling the volume controller.

Taylor designer David Hosler talked about the thinking that went to the tone control circuit.

3. Taylor T5z Standard Electric Guitar

Taylor’s T5 wasn’t the first guitar to provide electrical and acoustic tones in precisely the same package, however, as one of the earliest production versions to achieve this in a persuasive way, it was a revelation.

To many ears, the T5 sounded as authoritative when played through an overdriven tube combo as it did when fingerpicked and plugged into a dedicated acoustic amp.

At the heart of the T5z is your smart electronics system located on all Taylor T5 electric guitars.

Poking through the very best is what appears like a single-coil lipstick-tube pickup, however, it is actually a stacked humbucker.

A second humbucker is concealed beneath the surface at the neck area, and the guitar is also equipped with an acoustic sensor attached to the soundboard underneath the traditional acoustic.


The Taylor Guitar brand is well known for its distinctive audio quality–glowing and brilliant, with a sharp clarity to the top register that other guitar brands can be hard-pressed to achieve.

The consequences of the tonal quality across the brand’s many versions and layouts would be perhaps the most striking aspect of Taylor’s building procedure.

If you are on the market for a brand new acoustic guitar and you are not sure which brand to go for, simply purchase a Taylor guitar because you can’t ever fail with them.

They have all kinds of guitars for every budget, so finding something you enjoy from their products is quite easy.

I hope this guide was useful for you, and you discovered that the best Taylor guitar to your requirements.

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