Top 10 Best Stage Piano under $2000

Stage pianos are excellent tools built for live usage by players. They have a tendency to have the crucial elements of traveling artist requirements.

Given they have a thinner and more streamlined construct, transporting and placing them up is simple.

Furthermore, they take less space as they don’t have built-in racks and pedals in comparison to many conventional digital pianos.

Deciding upon a platform piano for expert usage is both a private and sensible choice.

Here, we have picked out 10 best stages piano under $2000 which can provide both fantastic satisfaction and constant delivery in each performance.

Whether you’re trying to find the most bizarre sound, a lightweight design, or easy-to-use consequences, we have a few of the greatest stage pianos available to fit your requirements as an expert player and enthusiastic musician.

Top 10 Best Stage Piano under $2000

1. Casio PX-5S 88-Key Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano

The Casio PX5S might not be the best digital keyboard available on the market nowadays, but it certainly gives tons of different manufacturers a run for their money, and you are most likely not likely to get a much better electronic piano bargain.

As a result of the high degree of customization and setup, this version isn’t a perfect tool for a complete novice

Somebody who’s just attempting to recreate the acoustic guitar encounter on an electronic tool, but I think it might work nicely as a cheap introduction for someone looking to actually learn what the electronic piano universe has to offer you.

But a seasoned professional shouldn’t be quick to write off it, however –it can offer a degree of audio quality that’s unrivaled by rival versions that may easily cost twice as much.

The PX5S is somewhat bare when it comes to accessories, meaning you will have to invest in certain essentials.

A damper pedal is obviously essential for a significant player, and sadly this model doesn’t include its own stand, meaning you’ll most likely have to buy these too.

Nonetheless, you can buy the convenient and incredibly affordable Casio PX5S bundle deal, that comprises not merely the PX5S stage piano, but a seat, a sustain pedal, a rack, cans, a dust cap, and much more.

2. Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

We look at the Yamaha P45, which will be among the very best stage pianos for people seeking to try to understand how to play the piano since it’s among the more efficiently priced versions.

The P45 is an 88-note, rated hammer regular (GHS) electronic piano that supplies a simple set of attributes — perfect for a beginning piano student.

The GHS weighted activity provides the P45 with a classical guitar feel, and practicing on GHS activity helps someone construct appropriate strategy when it comes to really perform an acoustic guitar whilst saving some cash at precisely the exact same moment.

Another highlight is that the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) stereo sampling permits you to listen to the deep, authentic sound that is captured by 2 microphones (L and R).

The P45 has a compact and slim design, weighing in at just 25 pounds — bring it everywhere without difficulty.

It sits to the bottom cost point of manual, and if you’re a newcomer to the piano-game, the Yamaha P45 could be the very best stage piano for you.

3. Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

The Kawai ES110 stipulates a reactive hammer-action keyboard using a solid engine which samples the Kawai EX concert grand piano.

Additionally, it delivers a number of instrument samples, including electric pianos, strings, organs, electric and acoustic bass.

Additionally, it has an integrated lesson function for novices and an integrated Bluetooth MIDI which lets it connect wirelessly with smart devices that are supported.

One of the wonderful features many consumers pointed out is that it is quite light-weight for an 88-key hammer-actioned stage piano.

Its quick reaction secrets and realistic-like piano seem impressed by a lot of musicians. Aside from the fantastic excellent piano samples, the Hammond organ sounds very realistic also.

Some expert players said the keys had a much more elegant touch when compared with another stage pianos they’ve used.

The design and build of this stage piano are very simplistic with the ideal number of features, making it rather simple to use.

4. Korg D1 88-Key Stage Piano Controller

Korg’s Digital Pianos have provided a number of the very best value for money in recent years — using caliber but ensured.

Despite this; Korg hasn’t any published a funding Stage Digital Piano in some time, with fans needing to pick between the cheap, but restricted Korg SP-280, and also the innovative yet expensive SV-1.

The newly released D1, nevertheless, supplies an excellent middle ground between both: providing you great acoustic guitar emulation at a nice cost.

The very first point to notice about the D1 is its own layout. The Korg D1 is a slick and smart bit of kit – using all the 88-note key-bed set in a black body, projecting both a wise and sleek look.

The D1 is constructed for portability, and the compactness of style, along with a weight of only 33lbs means you’ll have the ability to transport this around with comparative ease.

This partly aided by the fact that the D1 doesn’t consist of in-built speakers, so ensure you have access to a fantastic pair of speakers before contemplating purchasing.

The Korg includes a simple pair of outputs, such as 1/4 stereo output signal: so you need to easily have the ability to plug this into a place’s PA or amp installation.

The D1 comes with a selection of various piano voices, also boasts a lender of 30 unique voices incomplete — such as various electrical piano and string sounds, which interpret across at greater volumes to various quality.

Though the piano sampling is good, a few of the other noises have a tendency to get rid of some of their clarity when being done, particularly at higher amounts.

5. Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

The Yamaha DGX-660 contrasts greatly with the preceding two versions on this listing — in relation to its own aesthetic, and reliability.

The DGX-660 isn’t a compact computer keyboard, weighing in at 61lbs, also has a depth of 17.5″ — although this can be classed a Stage Digital Piano you ought to keep in mind this won’t be the easiest tool to transfer and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to build on its own stand.

The DGX-660 boasts well over 500 individuals expressing, covering everything from piano, to drums, into guitar: significance you are spoilt for choice concerning your pick of sound.

Additionally, but each one of these sounds may be modulated and altered via the use of various filters.

The DGX-660 employs the Yamaha PURE CF sound motor, which generates deep and resonant acoustic guitar sounds, together with the sampling all obtained from an innovative Yamaha Grand Piano.

All your playing is going to be interpreted well, together with the piano sounding vibrant and rich.

The Yamaha DGX-660 is a good solution for those of you prepared to trade-off a step of their portability, in favour of a deeper sound-bank.

The piano playing experience with this keyboard is great and translate nicely into outputted sound — with the layout choices made by Yamaha feeding to the acoustic piano-playing encounter.

While this supposes a whole lot of its compactness, it makes up for this in the other locations.

6. Roland FP-90 Premium Portable Piano

The largest benefit of all Roland FP-90 is that the general piano playing experience, which will be decidedly among the most realistic I’ve encountered one of the electronic pianos.

To the characteristics which make it stand out will be the gorgeous piano sounds and higher limit, or in some specific cases infinite polyphony.

The Roland FP-90 is a stage piano, but it could definitely be utilized as a home digital piano for training too.

There are a rack and pedal device that you could purchase individually to completely change your FP-90 to a very wonderful addition to any area of the home.

The Roland FP-90 includes a top excellent computer from two distinct points of view.

On the flip side, the crucial activity, known as PHA-50, that stands for Progressive Hammer Action, is the very complicated key activity that you could locate on Roland digital pianos.

The exact same key activity is currently on way more costly digital pianos from Roland.

For the piano seems on the FP-90 that the polyphony is infinite. For all the additional sounds that the limitation is 384.

Since we have been reviewing digital pianos, we have not encountered too many versions with such a top polyphony level, let alone a limitless polyphony amount for piano noises.

7. Yamaha P515 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Possibly the biggest gap between the P-515 and its predecessor is in the essential action section.

The brand new variant has a Natural Wood X, in comparison to its predecessor that has Graded Hammer.

This is an important advancement from the experience of enjoying this musical instrument.

Another huge improvement concerning experience would be the grand piano samples.

On the new edition, P-515, it is possible to locate the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand and the CFX Concert Grand that are much superior to the prior version with Yamaha CFIII Concert Grand samples.

Just both of these differences make the P-515 a much better electronic piano compared to the predecessor.

At precisely the exact same time, these gaps set it one of the best options in its budget.

An interesting point, especially for all you composers on the market, the P-515 includes a built-in 16 track MIDI recorder, which allows you to produce records right there on the piano.

While considering other choices within the purchase price range, there aren’t many versions which have this attribute.

8. Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano

The Korg SV-1 is a stage piano that comes in 2 variations, the 73-key along with the 88-key edition, with two-foot pedals.

They’re on average milder than other stage digital pianos and keyboards, weighing around 55 lbs.

It’s a maximum polyphony of 80, which will be on average 38% lower compared to other digital pianos and keyboards.

The Korg SV-1 has 36 packed tunes. This is a little less than the ordinary amount payable on additional digital pianos and keyboards.

The Korg SV-1 includes a Western grand acoustic guitar tone, probably a Yamaha that has rate sampling. It’s an amazing soundboard with excellent sympathetic resonance.

The Western grand piano also has speed-sensitive RX sound coating which communicates the melancholy and discharges thunk of this pedal.

This produces excellent sound effects, excellent for innovative and expert piano players.

9. Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES8 is indeed beloved throughout the entire world by pianists it made me quite curious to discover why.

It is supposed to be among the best digital stage pianos under $2000. The most treasured areas of the ES8 will be the realistic audio and crucial activity.

I have to state the design of the digital piano is decidedly one of the primary benefits.

Kawai did an excellent job creating a digital piano that isn’t just packed with top-end technologies but also includes a slick, elegant appearance.

The principal idea here will be top quality. This is the feeling you get directly once you sit in front of it.

It is an all-around fantastic digital piano from novices to advanced pianists. It is very robust, acquiring a metallic case.

The crucial action is actually fine with let-off mechanism which does a fantastic deal in creating it feel near the actual thing.

The ivory keytops supply a wonderful grip and stop your hands from slipping.

The noise is sampled from Kawai’s world-renown grand pianos. It’s possible to imagine that translates into a high excellent degree.

What I love about the ES8, and it is something special for this particular digital piano by Kawai, is your digital Tech. It permits you to customize a number of facets, 15 to become exact.

In general, it is definitely among the very best stage pianos under $2000 plus a wise selection for anybody seeking to purchase one.

10. Yamaha YDP164B Arius Series Digital Console Piano

The Yamaha YDP-164 a part of this Arius lineup of Yamaha’s digital pianos.

The Arius lineup has turned into a fantastic reputation through time, and not without honour.

The most important reason that they succeeded in attaining this fantastic standing is that the electronic pianos making up the Arius line supply premium excellent audio and crucial activity at a relatively inexpensive price. Actually, I’d say that they represent a valuable value for money ratio.

They’re excellent options for men and women that are starting to understand playing the piano since they give an authentic encounter.

They’re also substantial-quality enough to not need replacement after you exceeded the novice phase.

To put it differently, an electronic piano in the Yamaha Arius lineup is a company for a long time to come.

Among the most essential facets of electronic pianos will be the noises which are that they include.

Additionally, this is among the best benefits of electronic pianos within acoustic pianos. Another great benefit is the absence of the requirement to be ventilated professionally from time to time.

But let us return into the sounds. The Yamaha YDP-164 does not excel in the number of voices it gives. 10 voices may not appear too many, but all of these are good quality.

Considering all the helpful features such as interlocking keys along with the capability to be utilized in connection with intelligent programs that can make practicing more intriguing, the Yamaha YDP-164 is a fantastic selection for any beginning pianist.

I am sure the very affordable price or better stated the valuable value for money ratio, is also an aspect that underlines the end.


Your funding will be first and foremost going to dictate the path you move, the ideal stage pianos out there which are really going to provide you with a few outstanding quality will cost a number of dollars.

If that really is a surprise, do not be amazed; there are nonetheless a few budget-friendly versions we advocate if you do not wish to invest an arm and a leg onto yours.

When you have decided on how much money you want to spend on your own stage piano (or just how much you are going to want to save after choosing your version ), then remember that the key-make.

Primarily, we urge for stage pianos to always go with 88 keys (some include less, but they are generally cheaper).

Along with key texture, the final aspect to remember is the point pianos little attributes built-in to the device.

Many of these have a computer interior that offers some additional features you might or might not believe is well worth a price increase.

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