Top 10 Best Guitar Synth Pedal 2020

Synth pedals are among the most misunderstood apparatus in the stompbox world-class.

Perhaps since they’re toys such as musicians (bass and guitar players) whose job description does not automatically indicate comprehension of synthesis in all its deepest subtleties.

If you’re searching for a pedal to assist you (re)make synth sounds in your guitar, then you have come to a perfect location.

We have taken a gander at catalogs of some of the greatest names in the business and also have compiled a listing of the best guitar synth pedals.

10 Best Guitar Synth Pedals

1. Alexander Colour Theory

The Alexander Pedals Colour Theory stands head and shoulders over countless different pedals using comparable raw tones on the merit of its own sequencer alone.

At a guitar tone circumstance, the Colour Theory is not just about incorporating its distinctive vibe into your board.

Together with the capability to chain not its own, however other consequences’ parameters, we are taking a look at a landmark that proceeds Alexander’s NEO show’ tendency of pushing the boundaries of the traditional guitar effects pedals to unchartered territory.

It is not merely the type of equipment that arouses creative songwriting, it’s a collaborator that requires songwriting in ways you may not be utilized to.

It requires a while to develop up to putting together sequences from scratch, in spite of the additional simplicity of TouchOSC, but as soon as you’ve set the groundwork you will end up with a loyal partner in crime which will make you wonder what you did before it entered your own lifetime.

Pulse-Width Modulation, Lag processing, Sequencing, Oscillators: Each these exist within an artificial world that many red-blooded, riff-loving guitarists are just apparently knowledgeable about.

2. Hotone Q-Box Digital Envelope Filter Guitar Effects Pedal

The Hotone Q-Box is a very small, lightweight and compact wah and auto-wah synth-like guitar processing pedal.

It’s three chief modes which may be deployed on your viewers; The very first which offers a Touch Wah style accompanied with a high-pass filter.

The next that is the exact same Touch Wah style, followed with a low-pass filter, and eventually an Autowah style, using a corresponding low-pass filter.

Alongside these three energetic wah filtering manners, you will find two other knobs which could be employed to further adjust the noise, once a style was chosen.

All these are equally the Range and Q controls.

The scope control basically chooses the fundamental frequency where the filter must flow around, which can be between 300hz — 1900hz.

3. Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine

The Electro-Harmonix C9 proceeds where B9 left, and although both of these pedals have a great deal in common, they also have some remarkable differences between these.

If you are unfamiliar with what B9 is, it is basically C9’s predecessor which came in an identical casing and with comparable pair of tones.

There are various developments on the C9 version, beginning with the exceptionally durable and rugged casing.

Even though this isn’t a ‘synth’ pedal per se (most people would classify it as a ‘piano’ pedal), it will contain several presets that could easily pass as a synth.

The genuinely intuitive layout makes it quite simple to use. The controller knobs begin with the dry signal, over quantity, penis, mod (modulation rate), and click on (degree of percussive attack).

You are able to use the large white wheel to switch between presets, even at the center of the gig should need to be.

4. Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter Guitar Effects Pedal

The EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter will provide you a few of the very bizarre and superbly intense fuzz tones and perverted guitar sounds you could ever hear.

If you are getting sick and tired of numerous fuzz pedals out there that seem the same as everything else, then this pedal might be your solution.

You truly can get as mad as you like using the mix controls.

This pedal really is a brand new spin on a classic idea and among the most reachable requires on a PLL pedal, being designed and well laid out in a means which is logical for the very first time PLL user.

5. MXR EVH90 Phase 90

The MXR EVH Phase 90 is a guitar synthesizer pedal created by MXR/Jim Dunlop, together with the cooperation from legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

This new variant is based on the timeless Stage 90 phaser pedal, and so it includes all the characteristics of this pedal but contains additional capabilities.

The EVH Phase 90 carries a ‘script’ button that enables the guitarist to change between the next two phaser configurations, ‘Script’ and ‘Block emblem’.

Likewise to the original Phase 90 pedal, the EVH stage 90 also includes a ‘Rate’ knob in the forefront of their apparatus, which controls the speed of stage.

6. DigiTech Dirty Robot Stereo Mini-Synth Pedal

DigiTech makes a number of the best guitar effect pedals, and among the greatest things about the Dirty Robot is this can be both a guitar and a bass pedal at a single.

It includes ‘Drifth‘ knob which lets you combine square-wave with sub & octave effects, it’s an integrated chorus & vibrato effects, an intuitive design, and a great deal of other handy features.

The controls for dry and wet signals are mixed as one, meaning you’ll have the ability to place your tone with extra precision.

What is more, the newest provides a set of distinct attributes, such as a Stomp lock and pedalboard hook and loop pad.

7. Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer

The Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets is a special work of art from the pedal form which is going to be highly desired because of its genuinely one-of-a-kind sounds and extremely coveted for its capacity to inspire, transform, and spark creativity on a completely new level.

It is pretty impressive when a pedal may alter your thoughts and even how you approach your playing style.

The Infinite Jets kind of shook me up and asked me to consider things in a fresh manner.

In a world in which it feels like every impact has already been thought of and nothing is fresh, the Infinite Jets politely begs one to rethink.

This pedal has become my private new “go-to” once I wish to make something entirely different.

8. Electro Harmonix Superego Synth Engine Guitar Effects Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Superego is just another addition to their amount of guitar synthesizer pedals…

And yet another inclusion from Electro-Harmonix to our listing, largely because their goods are excellent.

The Superego supplies a range of eccentric synthesizer effects, dispersed through a couple of the onboard synth manners, Latch, ‘Momentary’ and ‘Vehicle’.

Including such consequences as infinite sustain, sign layering, and controllable glissando; most of which can be easily controlled via the transparent, user-friendly interface.

This pedal is excellent at producing those nearby synth-voicing tones, with every synth mode allowing a different sort of synth expressing to be attained.

Our favorite must be the droned’manhood’ sound which may be observed in latch mode, allowing the guitarist to perform over the impact with more direct components.

9. Donner Digital Octave Guitar Effect Pedal

Donner is fairly famous among guitarists because of their cheap, nevertheless high-quality pedals.

Their Digital Octave effect pedal is the most simple effect pedal you will have the ability to get for the price.

What is great about it’s that it does the work and is so easy it is best suited to novices and intermediate level guitarists who have only begun to explore the area of pedals.

Wet and dry noise controls are different here, meaning you’ll find a different sort of noise based on in the event that you’re using it at a series or as a standalone pedal.

The true bypass can be included, making it better for live gigs and studio rehearasals.

There are seven manner effects at your disposal along with a 3-way switch which lets you easily switch between these.

In general, it packs a lasting aluminum-alloy chassis, many impact modes, different wet and wet controls, along with a real jump — it will a significant bang for your dollar.

10. BOSS Guitar Synthesizer (SY-300)

The Boss SY-300 is your supreme Guitar Synthesizer chip pedal.

This big, rather hefty unit not just unites a vast array of synthesizer consequences, but also a variety of filter oscillations and toaster simulators.

With over 70 preset spots, 99 user-programmable patches and with USB connectivity, so it usually means you could link the Boss SY-300 for your own computer for the overall system and special patch upgrades, together with the ability to generate setting/patch alterations in your preferred DAW, so you could sculpt your ideal synth sounds.

The SY-300 is controlled by ultra-fast DSP circuitry, which is required considering it may offer simultaneous synth-sound processing.

Since it can offer this degree of processing, it’s 3 user footswitches on the front part of the interface, which makes it fast and simple to disable and enable patches and presets from the click of a change.

Each one of the SY-300’s configurations is displayed in a transparent manner on the big LCD display, which makes it effortless to determine which is very beneficial in a dwell staged/live performance surroundings that might be dark.

At length, the SY300 includes a selection of output options, such as two major output segments ‘Main Output‘ which comes with an optional stereo output, ‘Sub Output‘ which also includes optional stereo output, and eventually ‘Thru Output‘ which provides the dry input signal to an output device of your choice, while that’s an amplifier or a different effects device.


Just like all our conclusive recommendations concerning the best guitar synth pedal, we like to be certain every reader of the report is represented.

We have made certain to include pedals that feature elements of several different varieties of guitar pedals in hopes you’ll use them to locate beautiful, unique synth sounds.

We expect that you have enjoyed our choice and wish you all of the luck in finding one that fits your requirements.

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