Top 7 Best Flying V Guitar Reviews in 2020

As Rock grew into Metal through the years, the Flying V guitar became cemented in popular conscience as the sign of teenage rebellion, the badge of Metal in all its visceral power and frantic energy.

Clearly there are many ways where the slab of wood that creates the guitar body can be shaped and made.

On the other hand, the guitar’s variant can simply be altered so much prior to its”role” that will likely be jeopardized.

The Flying V and Explorer models seem distinctive and distinct (and seem excellent!), but many guitarists discover them uncomfortable and awkward to play.

Such guitars stand independently and refuse to bend into a human body-shape.

the best flying v guitars


List of 7 Best Flying V Guitar Reviews

1. Dean VX Electric Guitar

The Dean VX features a lightweight basswood body. Basswood is great for heavier rock and metal styles, providing a nice tone that feeds a dirt pedal (or a dimed Marshall) well.

Bolt-on neck construction gives an affordable alternative to set-neck or even thru-body layouts.

The advantage of this layout is that in case you have any neck problems, later on, you can easily replace it.

The VX’s maple neck features an ultra-playable 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, with classic dot inlays.

To capture the biting tones of vintage Deans, the company comprises just two of its own standard humbuckers, in black-and-white “zebra” design for seems as great as the noises. And what to anticipate tonally?

These pickups should supply more than enough snack for contemporary fashions, along with lots of non-invasive and midrange definition.

The standard three-way selector allows neck, bridge, or a combination. Each pickup receives a volume pot, and they share the tone controller.

2. Dean Michael Schenker Standard Guitar

Dean Michael Schenker Standard guitar is a Flying V model made for Scorpions and MSG legendary guitarist, Michael Schenker.

It includes a good, flat body made from basswood. On this six-stringer, basswood replaces mahogany.

Michael Schenker Standard also features a contoured back and bolt neck joint. There’s just one color scheme available with this guitar, it’s Black & White with a shiny finish.

Maple is used to your throat on this guitar. It’s equipped with a standard V shape from the back and topped with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.

Regular 1-11/16″ wide series nut and white dot position inlays finish the fingerboard.

The tune-o-Matic bridge has a string-through structure. It’s fronted by a pair of passive humbucking pickups made by Dean.

3. Jackson JS Series King V JS32

King V is one of Jackson’s trademark concepts and one of the pillars of this catalog, current as of the very beginnings.

All active ranges, by the launching JS into the boutique-level Jackson Custom Shop, feature at least one King V version in their own ranks.

JS Series King V JS32 has become easily the most affordable King V with a double-locking tremolo bridge, with MSRP collection.

Strong and flat poplar body (w/beveled borders), bolt-on maple neck (graphite truss rod reinforcements, Speed profile) and 24-fret rosewood fingerboard (white binding, jumbo frets, Shark Fin inlays, 1.6875″ locking nut, 25-1/2″ scale) form a hardy, healthy base.

Licensed Floyd Rose bridge, die-cast tuners and Jackson High Output humbuckers (w/zebra coils selected color choices) finish this affordable metal beast.

4. ESP LTD Arrow-401 Electric Guitar

The ESP LTD Arrow 401 has a great contemporary v-shape and a few intriguing appointments.

It features a mahogany body with a Pau Ferro fingerboard, a pair of EMG 81/85 active pickups and Floyd Rose Special bridge.

One of the coolest things about this guitar is your neck-thru build. That may look to be a typo, however.

It is a relatively unusual way of placing a V-style guitar collectively that contributes to exceptional tone, sustain and stability.

Contrary to bolt-on throat like we typically find in V guitars or a set-neck layout that involves draining the neck into a pocket within the torso, a neck-thru style entails two body wings that are glued on a neckpiece.

ESP always makes great things, so if you are searching for one of the top-rated V-shaped guitars on the market that one ought to be high on your list.

The Arrow 401 is remarkable and stands out among other Vs.

5. Jackson Pro Series King V KV

After the original Flying V came out in 1957, the world of electric guitars changed forever, as the V became the sign of rebellion, liberty, and rock n roll & metal songs.

Not many V-shaped versions have reached near the status of the original cult Flying V.

Just Jackson King V came in the 1980s. Created for Robbin Crosby, popularized by Dave Mustaine and then embraced by legions of metalheads around the Earth, King V is presently a deity from the electrical guitar pantheon.

At 2015 NAMM, Jackson has launched just three brand new King V versions (excluding the Demmelition signature), and the Guru King V KV is your very best alternative.

It includes a beveled body made from alder wings and maple neck at the center.

On its very best, Jackson installs a 1000 string Floyd Rose bridge, as well as a pair of Seymour Duncan Distortion Mayhem humbuckers.

Both Duncan hell hounds are controlled via a master volume, master tone, and a three-way toggle pickup button.

Maple neck stones the fast and slick profile at the back, and a 24-fret ebony fingerboard on the very top.

Mandatory shark fin inlays, jumbo-sized frets and also the locking nut are also featured on the fingerboard.

Die-cast pruning machines in the classic downward-pointing headstock wrap the list of main features.

6. Dean V Dave Mustaine Guitar, Rust In Peace with Case

The Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Rust In Peace Electric Guitar was masterminded by Dave Mustaine together with Dean’s master guitar contractors.

The human body has the classic VMNT shape and is made from mahogany with a set mahogany neck spec’d by Dave himself.

Additional’Rust In Peace’ features comprises a 25-1/2″ scale length, ebony fingerboard, Tune-O-Matic bridge and a headstock using mini-Grover tuners.

Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Live Wire active humbucker pickups and also the guitar’s string-through-the-body design creates outstanding sustain.

The dual volume, single tone, and 3-way change is your controller configuration that Dave chooses.

This eye-catching Dean Dave Mustaine V reflects the soul of one of rock’s hardest hitting guitar slingers.

7. ESP LTD Vulture Signature Series James Hetfield Electric Guitar

James Hetfield is one of the most obvious frontmen in the background of heavy metal.

Mr. Rhythm, as he’s known, is arguably the tightest rhythm guitar player/lead vocalist on the market.

A little lesser known fact is that James is a fairly good lead player, as well.

His signature line with ESP is one of the longest-running and most successful ESP signature series in company history.

LTD Vulture is the latest addition to the show roster. It’s an affordable alternative for all of the fans of Metallica and Het’s awesome rhythm perform.

LTD Vulture kicks off with a Strong and beveled mahogany body and a pair in the mahogany neck.

This kind of chassis guarantees a solid, resonant tone with a powerful low end and almost infinite sustain. The mahogany neck is a three-piece using a 22-fret ebony fingerboard on top.

The fingerboard has a 1.65″ shaped nut, dot inlays (Vulture inlay at the 12th fret) and 12″ radius. Through the years, James used largely 81/60, 57/66, 81/85 places from EMG.

Nonetheless, in the past few years, his tone jumped a bit towards the dynamics of passive that reveals from the EMG JH set featured with this version.

Master volume, master tone and a three-way toggle pickup change complete the electronic equipment.

Two-piece bridge unit and locking LTD tuners round off a fairly impressive specs record.


Style vs function… what matters more? Ultimately, work and form should work collectively — musicians want to find congruence between their visual and sonic saying, a guitar that matches their musical creativity in audio as well as looks.

So whatever you may consider the Flying V and other modernist guitars, they maintain a very important place inside the guitar pantheon.

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