Top 5 Best Bass Guitars for You – 2019 Edition

Whether you have some extra cash to spend and you want to upgrade your grooving gear, or you are looking for the good bass to start playing with, we are here to help you find the best bass guitar for your needs.

With all the different choices out there it is quite difficult to find the most suiting bass. To help you decide we tried out some of the best models and reviewed them, so you don’t have to waste too much time in search for the bass guitar to buy.

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Best Bass Guitars Review

1. Fender Standard Precision Electric Bass Guitar – Rosewood Fingerboard

The Standard series bass guitars are the perfect bass guitars for all the bass players who want to move on to the professional instruments. It looks great, it feels great, and it sounds great. It has that old school design characteristic for P-basses.

The body is made of alder, and the neck is made of maple. The neck has the modern C-shape for ultimate comfort and gloss urethane finish for smooth sliding. The fingerboard is made of rosewood with 20 jumbo frets.

This P-bass features a standard vintage bridge with single groove saddles and standard machine heads. A standard split single coil P-bass pickup gives you a quite modern version of the iconic bass tone.


​Editor Rating:

The electronics are passive, and you have volume and tone control. A nice addition is a push-pull switch that enables you to split the pickup coil and achieve the single-coil tone.

Overall, this is one pretty well-made legendary bass guitar that can serve you for a very long time.


  • Great sound straight out of the box. There is no need for adjustments other than tuning.
  • Very bright and vibrant sound.
  • Easy to handle. The neck plays quite fast.
  • Excellent action for comfortable playing.
  • It’s very versatile bass. You can play anything on this bass, from classic rock to progressive and heavy metal.
  • High-quality Fender pickups that can deliver amazing sound.
  • Push-pull switch that gives you an option split the pickup coil for a single-coil sound.


  • BulleBecause of the low action, you might have some fret buzz.

2. Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Squier is the company that Fender owns, and they make the cheaper versions of the classic Fender guitars, including the Jazz Bass.

Now, since they are making the cheaper instruments, their target are the beginners and people looking for best cheap bass guitar.

Although the most of the Squier instruments are the starter instruments, the Vintage Modified line is something that even the veterans would like under their fingers.

The rice is still lower than Fender Jazz Bass, for example, but this Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass has an amazing value for the price.


​Editor Rating:

There are five Jazz basses in this line, and this one is the most basic model. It’s made with a basswood body, and it features the rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium-jumbo frets. This combination gives it a nice warm and woody sound.

It looks very cool, and it comes in Olympic White and 3-color Sunburst with Tortoiseshell pickguard and chrome hardware. When it comes to electronic, the bass features standard two volume controls for each pickup and one tone control.Two single-coil J-bass pickups designed by Fender are providing superb traditional jazz bass sound.


  • An amazing value for the price. You will get one perfect bass for the low price.
  • Nice warm and woody traditional jazz bass sound.
  • Excellent pickups designed by fender.
  • Everything looks awesome on this bass
  • Comes with a great setup straight out of the box.
  • Feels awesome under the fingers, and it’s very easy to play.


  • Squier is known to have some quality control issues, and this bass is not excluded.

3. Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Ray 5 StingRay Bass, 5-String

Now, this is the first 5-string bass on our list. The Ray5 is basically the Music Man StingRay 5 bass’s cousin. It features the rock-solid hardware, low-noise humbuckers, and active electronics.

When it comes to the look, it is quite recognizable and respected look that we all love.

The body is made of the solid hardwood, and it’s pretty light and airy and full of tone. The neck is slim, very easy to play, and it’s made of maple. This neck with medium-jumbo frets makes this bass comfortable to play with both small and large hands.

The tone can be shaped any way you like it with the onboard active 2-band preamp powered by the 9V battery. It gives you the ability to control the volume, treble, and bass and offers an amazing variety of tones


​Editor Rating:

The humbuckers give a high output and are made for maximum clarity and perfect reproduction of the natural tone of the bass. With these pickups and active electronic, you can have any tone you want, from aggressive to mild. Additionally, the pickups can be adjusted perfectly to the string angle by using the 3-screw adjustment system.

The neck has an incredible satin finish that’s ultra-smooth, making the neck extremely comfortable. Also, the neck adjustment was never easier. There is no need for any tools, and you can adjust the neck without removing it or the strings thanks to the thumbwheel at the end of the fingerboard.


  • Active electronics and two humbuckers allow you to shape the tone any way you want.
  • The ultra-smooth satin finish on the back of the neck for ultimate comfort.The ultra-smooth satin finish on the back of the neck for ultimate comfort.
  • Thumbwheel for neck adjustment.
  • Output jack on the top of the body.
  • The bass is not too heavy.
  • Very affordable bass guitar; basically the cheap version of Music Man StingRay 5.


  • Soft body wood.
  • Comes with low-quality strings.

4. ESP LTD B55 – Black 5 String Bass

The B55 is not just some affordable 5-string bass. This bass guitar is made of the same materials as some of the very expensive guitars, and it also has the same features.

It comes with high-quality LTD tuners and an LTD DB5 bridge. You have the option to choose between the jazz-style single coil bridge pickup and the split single coil pickup.

That in combination with the active tone boost gives you a wide variety of tones. You can adjust the tone on this bass from aggressive heavy metal to smooth jazz sound.

The agathis body is very light, and the bass itself is much lighter than the most of the 5-string basses. The neck is made of maple with rosewood fingerboard, and it has 24 extra jumbo frets. It’s a quite thin u-shape neck, and it’s extremely comfortable to play.

The high-quality hardware on this bass is all black, and the bass looks amazingly cool. Overall, this bass is a monster that can deliver any sound you want. Whether you need to play a death metal gig or a wedding, with this bass guitar you are covered.


​Editor Rating:


  • The jazz-style single coil bridge pickup and the split single coil pickup in combination with active tone boost for a wide variety of tones.
  • Amazingly cool looking finish with black hardware.
  • Much lighter than the most of the 5-string basses.
  • Very versatile bass guitar suitable for any genre.
  • Very thin u-shape maple neck.


  • Low B tends to slip.

5. Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar

This is a very nicely balanced bass that you can get for a quite friendly price. It is very versatile and can match almost any genre.

The body is made of basswood making it very solid and, the comfortable one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard has a 22 medium frets on it.

You can choose between the split-coil and the single coil pickup and combine those two when searching for your tone. The tone can be shaped any way you want thanks to the active EQ with PHAT-II bass boost.

Nice glossy finish in combination with the chrome hardware is giving this bass a quite elegant look. The finish is solid and so is the entire bass, similarly to some Cort bass guitar models. It can take a lot of beating, and it will endure it for a long time.


​Editor Rating:

The neck is nice and thin, which is pretty much characteristic for all Ibanez bass guitars, and it makes it quite easy to play even with smaller hands.

Overall, this small bass guitar has a great value for the price, and I would recommend it to anyone from beginners to experienced players.


  • Thin neck for comfortable playing.
  • Very beautiful guitar.
  • Wide variety of tones thanks to the combination of pickups and active EQ with PHAT-II bass boost
  • More than affordable price.
  • Very durable and can take a lot of beating.


  • Low action tends to cause the fret buzz.


In the end, all of the listed instruments are great and worthy of consideration for the title of best bass guitar, but the bass that I found most valuable is most definitely the Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Ray 5. It’s such an amazing bass guitar.

It’s so versatile and no matter what kind of tone you choose, it sounds fantastic. It’s a 5-string bass with active electronics, it’s not too heavy, and you can use it to play any genre you like. Not only that, but it’s also very affordable. What more could you possibly want from a bass guitar?

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