What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000? – 2019 edition

If you have almost $1000 to spend on an acoustic guitar, you are most probably an established musician already. You may even have played a few cheaper guitars before and now you want to take it further and find an instrument that fits your playing style naturally without breaking the bank.

Our roundup will help you do it. Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000, go!

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 1000 USD

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Some Features Of Acoustic Guitars

When you go from easily affordable guitars, which are below $500 mark, to the next tier, you’ll notice a big leap in build quality and sound. Unlike most electric guitars, acoustic guitars in the $500-1000 price range can give you a very high overall quality.

That includes solid body/neck woods, tuners, and fittings which are all close to premium. Oh, and the looks – some of these guitars are real beauties!

Of course, investing up to $1000 in an acoustic guitar is a big deal, so you might want to take some time while comparing the options.

Here are some of the things you might want to look out for when searching for the best acoustic guitars under 1000 bucks:

  • 1. Shape
  • 2. Body wood
  • 3. Neck wood
  • 4. Finish
  • 5. Sound/tone
  • 6. Electronics

By electronics on an acoustic guitar we usually mean built-in tuner, EQ and gain control, as most acoustic guitar nowadays are not strictly acoustic, so to say – they can be plugged in an amp.

What you have to look out for here is that the options are sufficient and you get your basic stuff like tuner and 3-band EQ. All the rest is a matter of style and taste. Go for “less is more” principle, if you don’t want to get caught in the process of constant knob-tweaking instead of actual enjoying the instrument.

So now that we’ve outlined some of the basic things to consider when buying an acoustic guitar in $500-1000 price range, let’s talk about the guitars that might deserve your attention a bit more than the others due to their high quality, durability, looks and money’s worth.​

Which One Is Suit For You?

For this roundup, we’ve chosen 5 current models of acoustic guitars priced between $500 and $1000, based on the aforementioned criteria.

Similar to Martin Dreadnought Junior in terms of approach, Taylor GS Mini is a smaller-size version of the popular GS model, designed as a parlor guitar.

This, however, seems to be the only similarity between the two.Taylor GS Mini features somewhat shortened 23½ inch scale, solid sitka spruce top with sapele laminate back and sides. The neck is a solid sapele piece with a 20-fret ebony fingerboard. It has a different shape than Martin Dreadnought Junior, more suitable for gigging.


  • Deep, rich sound with a subdued tone, thanks to the sapele wood. Plays great and sounds just as good in a variety of alternate tunings.
  • Gorgeous looks – again, all thanks to that tonewood mix. Nice low action straight out of the box. This guitar comes with a very well padded gig bag as well, which is good for travelling.
  • Hey, they even have the serial number engraved onto the body – it’s right underneath the sound hole sticker.


  • Truss rod requires a non-standard socket, which of course can be purchased additionally, but that’s an unwanted hassle. Factory strings are a bit hard on the fingertips, so you may want to consider replacing them.

We'll round things up as we started them – with a trusty Martin! We are looking at the Road Series ad the DRS1 model, which utilizes a sapele spruce top, back, and sides, a sturdy mahogany neck, and a Richlite fingerboard.

True to its dual nature, it also features a Fishman Sonitone preamp with built-in tuner, three-band EQ, and gain controls. The finish is a natural gloss by default.


  • The DRS1 is a very sleek looking and sounding guitar. It plays effortlessly and the intonation is close to perfection. When amplified, it’s still spot-on.
  • The electronics really help you to enhance the sound in a natural way without compromising the acoustic integrity of the instrument.
  • Yeah, and those gold die-cast tuners are looking simply amazing on the headstock!


  • Folks tend to point out that the stock pickup isn't exactly high-end. Therefore, to get the best results you might want to get that thing replaced, but that's not a major fix in any way.
  • Additionally, if you're an all-acoustic player that part won't even bother you.

Kicking off our list of best acoustic guitars under 1000 dollars, we bring you a trusty Martin. C.F. Martin & Co. has a long history of producing high-end acoustic guitars, and this model might as well be your fine entry into this legendary brand.

It’s called Junior because of the smaller size than the “real” Martin Dreadnought. This guitar features solid Sitka spruce body with Sapele back and sides, Richlite fingerboard and bridge. The hand-rubber body and neck finish also look very promising.

The main compromise here is the size, basically – all the rest is built quite up to Martin’s standards. Dreadnought Junior will give you the legendary sound and looks without breaking your bank.​


  • It stays in tune perfectly and the neck has perfect width and thickness. The gig bag that it comes with is also a nice addition to the overall great product.
  • And finally, the price/quality ratio – it’s by far the best of all guitars reviewed here.
  • Upon checking this fella out, we found that the guitar has clear and resonant sound due to the solid-wood body. The instrument's appropriate size makes it ideal for travelling and minor gigging. The 24-inch scale gives Martin Dreadnought Junior a lot of versatility, especially when using a capo.
  • It stays in tune perfectly and the neck has perfect width and thickness. The gig bag that it comes with is also a nice addition to the overall great product.
  • And finally, the price/quality ratio – it’s by far the best of all guitars reviewed here.


  • The default strings feel as if they’re a little bit heavy – if you want a brighter tone, you may need to swap the original ones for the strings with a lighter gauge, like 10’s extra lights. The action is initially set a bit higher than you may want to, although it’s easily fixed.
  • The gig bag doesn’t have a neck support and generally is not as reliable as you may expect it to be for a “travel” guitar.

Up next on the best acoustic guitars under 1000 dollars list – a Seagull. As the most expensive guitar on the rundown, Seagull Artist Mosaic covers the stylish side of the specter. It’s a solid cedar top guitar with solid mahogany back and sides.

The fingerboard is rosewood, as well as the bridge. The scale is 25.5 inches, which is quite long, compared to the “travel” models of Martin and Taylor. Seagull Artist Mosaic is a strictly acoustic guitar with no ability to plug it into an amplifier.


  • Very rich and balanced sound which comes from a cedar top body. Wide neck allows for effortless fingerpicking.
  • High build quality, given that these guitars are manufactured in the USA, unlike Martin Dreadnought Junior and Taylor GS Mini-e, which are Mexican-made. Flawless Custom Polish finish.
  • Overall, it’s a very elegant-looking guitar.


  • The main con is the price, really. It’s not easy to spring for additional $200-300 when choosing between Martin or Taylor and Seagull Artist Mosaic. But if you do find the money, there’s probably nothing else for you to worry about.
  • Another complaint which may sound like nitpicking is that this guitar doesn’t handle heavy strumming well, so try to play gently.

Blueridge BR-162 is all about nostalgia, hence the name. Everything about this guitar speaks vintage, which is not necessarily a bad thing – it all depends on your preferences.

BR-162 features solid Sitka spruce body with East Indian Rosewood for back and sides. Fingerboard is also rosewood, while the neck is carved mahogany. It has only 12 frets with a 25.6-inch long scale.


  • Blueridge BR-162 is a highly versatile guitar. Due to its combination of 000 body shape, spruce top, and rosewood/mahogany neck, this instrument is capable of producing all kinds of tones, from bass to treble. The bass end is deep and full, while the treble is clear and rounded.
  • For a guitar that small, the sound depth and tone are simply amazing. You can play a wide variety of music genres on this guitar, from country and folk to bluegrass or even jazz. The 12-fret neck is great for fingerpicking and fretting barre chords.
  • Despite being made in China, Blueridge BR-162 actually boasts high quality and has few to zero imperfections in finish, which is a rare thing for Chinese imports.


  • Apart from wanting this guitar to be a little less pricey, many people would find its clear “folk” appeal a bit confusing. Going out in so many directions leaves Blueridge BR-162 without a signature tone.
  • Also, the 12-fret neck is not a universal solution and there may be some people who will find it somewhat strange and unusual.


Of all the beautiful guitars we’ve got the chance to review in this article, the winner is Martin Dreadnought Junior for several reasons. Firstly, it has all the characteristics of a high-end Martin model (sound, look, feel), yet it costs “only” $600, which is an unbeatable price/quality ratio here.

Secondly, it’s build quality is amazing and virtually flawless. And finally, it’s versatile enough for any kind of music and style of playing. Congratulations!

Feel free to take our recommendations into consideration while choosing the best acoustic guitars under 1000 bucks for yourself, but remember one thing: the only person who knows what’s best for you is you. So, listen to your heart and be sure to try out every guitar before you buy it. Good luck!​

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