The 10 Best 8 String Guitars in 2020

As its name suggests, the 8 string guitar has an additional 2 strings compared to standard 6 string guitar.

These guitars are most often utilized in the genres of metal, classical, and jazz, and also the additional two strings provide guitarists with much more choices and flexibility in regards to range and tunings.

On account of this additional 2 strings, these guitars can have broader necks that can pose a challenge for guitarists.

Most guitarists who conquer the challenge of their broader neck will reap the benefits of the additional range that guitar provides!

If you are trying to find a cheap 8-string guitar look no farther! Here’s a rundown of the best 8-string guitars you can get on a budget, each using a brief review.

8-strings still aren’t as cheap as their 7-string counterparts but you can still get a great one for a great price.

Top 10 Best 8 String Guitars

1. Ovation Elite TX Mid Depth 8-String Acoustic Electric Guitar

Elite TX series supplies a small lineup of stealthy acoustic-electrics, made to challenge and push the boundaries of sonic expression.

The show now features four versions, three six-stringers and one eight-stringer (a rare event in the steel-string acoustic guitar realm).

Elite TX 8-String Mid Depth 1788TX-5 comes equipped using a single-cut Lyrachord body w/mid-depth bowl and an AA-grade spruce soundboard.

It’s the sole Elite TX version with 8 strings (regardless of the fact it has a 25-1/4″ scale).

Black (with matte/satin finish, black hardware, black headstock overlay) is the only available color choice.

Other notable features include a hard rock maple neck, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard (ABS binding, 1-11/16″ nut, 10″ radius), rosewood bridge, Ovation electronic equipment, and die-cast tuners.

2. Agile Renaissance 8X SB EQ 8 String Acoustic Multiscale

This handcrafted 8-string acoustic/electric guitar packs an acoustic pickup and also a preamp using a three-band EQas well as an onboard tuner.

Thanks to this high-quality material that were utilized for this particular guitar, such as a spruce top (solid one), mahogany neck, sides, and back, ebony fretboard with 25″- 27″ span, guitar excels in the area of performance, durability, and needless to say, quality.

Rosewood slanted multi-scale bridge and installed La Bella strings are in charge of beautiful, soft, and natural noise.

All in all, the guitar has a great value for your cash, and it is one of the very best 8-string guitars available on the market.

3. Schecter OMEN-8 8-String Electric Guitar

This 8-string electrical guitar from Schecter is nothing less than we anticipated but a great quality guitar.

Standard Schester arrangement for guitar also can be seen in this guitar- basswood body, maple neck with carbon fiber reinforcement sticks.

Now, during the fretboard, there are pearloid semi-goth inlays that affect not just appearance but also your playability as an extra orientation across the neck.

The guitar goes to an affordable cost point category and pays great value for your cash.

It has a mended guitar bridge system and humbucker pickup configuration.

4. Washburn PXM18EB Parallaxe PXM Series 8-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Washburn PX-SOLAR180C Parallaxe Dual Cut 8-String is a really powerful tool, with a lot of sustain and robust tone.

It has a swamp ash body with a maple set neck and ebony fretboard. Your hand will easily slip through this thin neck.

Grover 18:1 tuners using Buzz Feiten Tuning System will help keep you well intonated all of the ways up the throat.

This guitar is equipped with 8 pole bits Duncan Solar pickups-made specifically with this particular version.

They’ll continue to keep the bottom strings articulate, even if heavily distorted.

Washburn PX-SOLAR180C Parallaxe Dual Cut 8-String definitely has impressive specifications along with great noise and all this comes at a very budget-friendly price.

This tool will certainly please a very expert metal player.

5. ESP LTD EC-258 BLKS Black Satin 8-String Electric Guitar

ESP LTD around out this record with just two donations into the sub-$500 categories. The first is a single-cutaway with a 26.5″ baritone scale.

The EC-258 includes a pair of ESP Engineered LH-308 pickups — despite the appearance, they are passive pickups. They can be heard in this demonstration movie.

This version includes a fretboard made from roasted Jatoba wood, and it will be a wonderful break from the standard rosewood appearance — and pairs nicely with all the satin black finish.

6. Jackson X Series Dinky Arch Top DKAF8 Multiscale 8-String Electric Guitar

What caught my attention with this guitar is both scale lengths on just one fingerboard. Anyone who has played guitars for quite long hours understands that relaxation is essential.

Does an uncomfortable guitar set a strain on your body and especially in your own hands, but it also affects the quality of your sound.

The two-scale span fretboard guarantees a comfortable playing experience, but that’s not all!

Its distinctive fretboard also boosts the guitar’s pressure and intonation, allowing the guitar to make a much better tone.

7. Ibanez RGMS8

The RGMS8 is one of those affordable 8-string electrical guitars provided by Ibanez. This guitar features a solid mahogany body, a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, and a jatoba fretboard.

To deliver a good tone, Ibanez added two humbucking pickups.

To assist you to sculpt the exact tone you want, it features a 5-way change with three positions to the humbuckers.

You can pick the neck and bridge of the bridge positions. In each case, you receive a clear and well-defined tone.

Overall, the guitar is quite playable and its own multi-scale design ensures that it stays perfectly in tune at all stages across the fretboard.

8. Schecter BANSHEE ELITE-8 Gloss Natural 8-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

The Banshee Elite series is the latest in Schecter. It features a swamp ash good body with a flamed maple top all at a beautiful natural gloss finish.

The Hipshot Hardtail Bridge, with string through body design, provides quality sustain and stability when you are really hammering the strings.

The throat is a maple and walnut with carbon fiber reinforced sticks. This type of layout ensures great intonation and aids the guitar to stay in tune.

The ebony fretboard has 24 stainless steel jumbo frets and Mother-of-Pearl inlays.

Tuners, control knobs, and the pickup selector switch are all at a stunning Black Chrome that delivers a wonderful contrast to this gloss finish.

The real deal with this particular guitar is just two of Schecter’s handmade USA Supercharger Mach-8 Pickups.

These passive pickups make each note sound complete and distinguished. The Superchargers make this guitar dynamic with clarity and articulation.

They can handle prolonged sustains, maintain tone and fidelity.

9. ESP Artist Series LJR608QMFBSB 8-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

The ESP LTD JR-608 is a signature version of Javier Reyes, the guitarist from shred instrumentalists’Animals as Leaders’.

If you have never heard of these before, we advise you to check these out.

Another ESP beauty crafted by the rare swamp-ash human anatomy, the JR-608 has a 5-piece maple/walnut/paduak neck, ebony fingerboard, and a fixed bridge with thru-neck for increased tonal quality and action assurance (great for detuning and hammering on the lower strings).

Like many of the signature guitars, this 608 is made exactly to Javier’s wants, so if you are a fellow shredder needing a guitar that will surely stay in song through numerous fall tunings, bends and sweep picking sessions, then that is the one for you.

ESP has chosen for its powerful DiMarzio JR-CTM signature pickups on this guitar.

Because of the varying noise and tonalities of Animals as Leaders, the pickups have to be completely responsive and capable of producing glassy clean tones and crushing bottom-end when the distortion pedal is stomped on.

10. Schecter C-8 DELUXE Satin White 8-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Best notch basswood body and maple neck will increase the durability of the 8-string guitar. Schecter utilizes its diamond and 8 pick-ups that are a top class from the business of pickups.

Additionally, for the greater playability and improvisation throughout the throat, there are dot inlays on a rosewood fingerboard.

Also, the guitar has a double cutaway, and that means you’ll be able to reach higher notes without a problem.

The guitar has 24 X- Jumbo frets and belongs to a lightweight electric guitar category.


All in all, everything boils down to your own personal tastes. Do what feels right for you and what makes you feel much better.

After reading this article about the best 8-string guitars a few of you may choose to purchase it and a few maybe have their changed minds.

All these 10 eight-string guitars are, by our humble view, best class guitars, together with balanced quality, performance, design, and durability.

We hope that this review will probably be useful in your pursuit of a high-quality 8-string guitar.

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