10 Best 7 String Acoustic & Electric Guitar (2020 Reviews)

When talking about 7 string guitar the majority of the people today associate them with a revolutionary rock or metal genre.

Today, seven-string guitars may be prevailing in these two genres, but on the other hand, there are a couple of ways to incorporate the audio of seven-string guitars to several different genres, such as jazz, blues or rock.

But navigating the 7 string guitar can be quite hard if you have never owned one before.

As they aren’t nearly as common as a typical 6 string guitar, it can be hard to understand what to search for.

And as soon as You understand what features you’re looking for, it is even harder to find the best 7 string guitar on your budget range (because these guitars are far more costly than 6 strings).

Thus, in this article, for you to have an easy time while searching for a 7-string guitar, I will be reviewing the best 7 string guitar in several price ranges to suit any budget.

Top 10 Best 7 String Acoustic & Electric Guitar

1. New Russian Seven 7 String Acoustic Classical Guitar Gipsy

This guitar seems really beautiful. Contemplating its exceptional, fine audio, the guitar is a perfect selection for you!!!

String height above 12th fret must be 3-3.5 mm. The 7 string Leo Tone guitars are made from specially selected wood.

Leo Tone guitars have already gained popularity among musicians because of their high quality and ideal sound.

This guitar is created for solo and ensemble rendering of musical composition, as well as for learning.

The guitar can be tuned in Russian (aka Gipsy) design (D-B-G-D-B-G-D) or any other style you want.

2. Kremona Fiesta CW-7 Cutaway/Electric 7-String Russian Classical Guitar

The Kremona Fiesta CW-7 is marketed as a Russian classical guitar modeled after Russian Romany guitars.

But it does not resemble any 7-string Russian Gypsy guitars I have noticed: they had metal strings and quasi-jumbo body shape. The CW-7 is basically a classical guitar with an extra course.

Kremona specifications indicate that the back is solid Indian rosewood while sides are only Indian rosewood, i.e., business code such as plywood.

The publication matched rosewood back and sides are attractively guessed, demonstrating straight and constant stripes of pale and dark colors.

The CW-7 has a rounded candy sound one would expect from a cedar and rosewood classical guitar.

Volume, dynamic response, sustain and clarity are exceptional.

Obviously you can’t dig to the strings as far as a Ramirez 1-A, a ten times more expensive tool, but quantity and projection are amazingly excellent.

3. New Russian Seven 7 String Acoustic Classical Guitar

This guitar seems really beautiful. Contemplating its exceptional, fine audio, the guitar is a perfect selection for you!!!

7 series Leo Tone guitars are made from specially selected wood. Leo Tone 7 string guitars have already gained popularity among musicians because of their high quality and ideal sound.

This guitar is created for solo and ensemble rendering of musical composition, as well as for learning.

It has its own passport, in which the directions for tuning and storage are awarded. The guitar can be tuned in Russian (aka Gipsy) design (D-B-G-D-B-G-D) or any other style you prefer.

4. Schecter Banshee Elite-7 FR-S 7-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

This 7 string guitar construct is strong, it has excellent fit and finish, and seems a bit heavy — in a great way.

From the instant you pick this up, you can feel quality and attention to detail. The fret edges, body shapes, satin finish on the back, and components are all elite.

You will be amazed that this guitar did not cost double the price.

This guitar is a great option for anyone searching for a strong 7-string guitar, using a professional-level of texture and quality, but appreciates a modest price point.

For fans of their audio that utilize this version and Schecter guitars in general, the decision is evident which guitar they ought to select from the 7-string entire world.

This guitar can not just work well in the hands of a professional but is a joy to play for players at any level.

The Floyd Rose bridge is guaranteed to keep your strings in song whilst allowing you to take complete advantage of every aspect of tremolo use.

5. Dean MAB7X CBK 7-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

With this 7 string guitar, there’s a Floyd-Rose tremolo system onto it, namely a Floyd-Rose Special.

Therefore, in case you want the best 7-string using FR, this is it. Another huge advantage of this guitar would be that the block inlays on the neck.

Should you play a band in dark stage environments, this can come in really valuable to understand where you are on the throat below low-light ailments.

Another huge advantage is the larger top horn, which helps a whole lot to stop neck dive.

If you have had troubles with a 7-string neck dip along with different guitars, this one is going to stay put.

While the elongated top horn may seem a little strange to some, it is there specifically to reduce diving.

6. Jackson JS22-7 Dinky DKA 7-String Electric Guitar

The JS22-7 DKA Dinky is a sound, double-cut 7 string guitar using Dinky contours. It features arched top and it’s totally made from basswood.

As with many brands, basswood is your most popular substitute for alder and mahogany.

This Dinky features stripped-down styling so as to maintain the balance between the very low cost and higher quality.

Here is the strategy many of the leading brands also use, for there are many players that want quality guitars, but are not in a situation to purchase something expensive.

In this way, they receive quality construct, very good materials and a great tone for a nice price.

Bridge on this version is a direct-mount hardtail using seven saddles and string-through structure.

Pickups are installed in H/H configuration and feature basic controls set.

Master volume, master tone, and a three-position selector switch. The neck is made from maple and it’s bolted to the body.

On its top Jackson installs a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with piranha inlays across the frets. Place of seven die-cast tuners is featured around the headstock.

7. Ibanez RGDIX7MPB iron Label 7 String Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RGDIX7MPB Iron Label Electric Guitar coupling superior playability with stunning design.

Having a color scheme reminiscent of the great barrier reef, you would be forgiven for believing that this guitar is all gentleness and calm waters.

On the other hand, the noise that can pump out of the thing if you want to push it’s far from calm.

The DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbucking pickups seem awesome when pushed through a twisted channel but can also supply sumptuous clean tones if you want them.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this guitar, however, is your layout.

A small departure from the famous RGD collection, but still recognizable, the RGDIX7MPB Iron Label incorporates a poplar burl shirt with a layered ash body finished well with a Surreal Blue Burst color.

The contoured body shape adds enhanced comfort, especially for if people riffs get nasty, whilst the extra-long scale Maple / Bubinga wood neck allows you to fly across the fretboard with ease.

A great guitar for people who want to become serious about the 7-string.

8. Schecter C-7 DELUXE Satin White 7-String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Schecter C-7 Deluxe is a left-handed model using a basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard.

On each strange wager (starting with 3rd), there are dot inlays that ease playing and navigation throughout the fretboard.

Anyhow, this particular 7 string guitar version comes from white color, but there’s also a black variant.

The guitar has an adjustable bridge method, and it will be a feature of a few professional guitars.

What’s more, Schecter C-7 Deluxe possesses Chrome hardware that is nowadays certainly around standard.

9. ESP LTD EC-1007 Eclipse Evertune 7-String Electric Guitar

Having a traditional Les Paul-type appearance, this guitar has the best of both worlds: classic and contemporary.

The tone in the iconic EMG active pickups can handle any amount of gain you throw at it, and also the mahogany body and neck provide a different feel and tone than typical Adler/ash body and maple neck guitars.

The classic styling and contemporary variant of a classic tone make this an extremely versatile guitar for any style of music.

If you enjoy the classic look and tone of a Les Paul, however, want a more-modern 7 string guitar of this, then you should not look any farther.

This ESP LTD EC-1007 Eclipse Evertune is what you have been searching for.

The mahogany body and neck paired with an active EMG pickup make sure that players from various fashions will be happy with this versatile guitar.

10. Schecter Omen Extreme-7 Electric Guitar

Schecter Omen is an example of a dual cutaway mahogany body with a quilted shirt that guarantees a great looking 7 string guitar and relaxation whilst playing it.

Also, there are maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard that offers excellent playability. Additionally, frets are easily completed without rough edges.

Anyway, to get a great sustain and tones, Schecter utilizes a tune-o-Matic bridge and two Schecter Diamond Plus pickups. Thanks for the tones are extremely clear and articulate quite well.

On the trunk, instead of dot inlays, there are a number of kind-of-looking triangles that fit into this almost devilish appearing black cherry layout of a guitar at a better orientation throughout the neck.

What is a 7 String Guitar?

If you have never picked up a 7 string guitar they can seem a little intimidating. You will be glad to know that you don’t have to relearn guitar to play one and it is actually a very easy change.

The standard tuning for 7 string guitars is: B E A D G B E

This means that you can play anything about a 7 string guitar that you normally would play with a 6 string guitar.

The large six strings are exactly the same as a regular 6 string guitar so that it’s a really easy change when going into a 7 series.

If you discount the minimal string, it is exactly the same as a regular 6 string guitar just with a broader fretboard.

The only real distinction is that the brand new low B string. If you already know the note names across the B series, then you will have an easy time locating notes about the B string as the fret positions will probably be identical (eg: C 1st fret).

The minimal B also means that you can play normal power chords across the bottom two strings without any difficulties.

If you have never attempted a 7 string guitar you could be surprised with how easy it’s to get the hang of one.

You can also experiment with various tunings on a 7 string guitar just as you would using a 6 string guitar.

As an example, if you fall the B string into an A, you get a lost tuning similar to what you get with dip D onto a 6 string guitar.

Or you can tune all down seven strings such as Korn does (they tune all strings down a whole step to A D G C F A D).

Why 7 String Guitar?

The 7 string guitar allows the guitarist to fill up a great deal of space from the absence of a bass player.

It is great for intimate duets with a vocalist or horn (or another guitar).

This can be advantageous for players trying to function with minimal line ups in the present financial situation. It’s also great for solo chord tune gigs.

It has to be said though, a lot of men get great results on a 6 string tuned down a couple of semitones.

Ted Greene’s work on the “Solo Guitar” listing is phenomenal, and men like our own Jim Soloway get fantastic results from this equally valid approach.


Search for the best 7 string guitar with great quality hardware as well. The most frequently encountered issue of 7 string guitars is a buzz around the bass.

Should you avoid those drawbacks, you are in a fantastic way of locating a fantastic guitar.

Prior to making your first 7 string guitar purchase, take a few minutes to follow the ideas above.

Obviously, you will also want to talk to other musicians and reliable buyers to receive their comments.

Using 7 string guitar, you can pick from a variety of styles, colors, and dimensions to make certain that the guitar is fantastic for your requirements.

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